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Less than 24 hours after being voted out, Kristina found herself at Redemption Island Stadium facing off against Matt in an individual duel with Boston Rob, Grant, Krista and Stephanie looking on.  Matt and Kristina have to collect large, block puzzle pieces and form a cube with those puzzle pieces.  Both players struggle with putting the puzzle together, but ultimately Matt is able to complete the challenge first.  After the challenge, Stephanie seizes the opportunity to reveal to Boston Rob and Grant that her and Krista are on the outside of their tribe and would be available after a merge.

For the immunity challenge, the tribes select a caller to guide their blindfolded tribe mates through a maze to collect four bags of puzzle pieces.  Once the pieces are back at the mat, the caller can solve the word/phrase jumble.  With Boston Rob as the caller, Ometepe collected their puzzle pieces first, but Stephanie closed the gap by untying the puzzle pieces first.  Although Boston Rob accidentally knocked off one of his letter, he found the letter and still managed to solve the phrase first for the Ometepe win.

Back at camp, Ometepe is enjoying their reward of breakfast pastries when Grant and Rob discover a clue to the hidden immunity idol in the jar of ground coffee.  The pair ran interference for one another to pull the jar away from the rest of the group to remove the clue without being spotted.  As Grant returned to the group with the coffee, Boston Rob switched the second clue with the first clue in order to keep Grant further off balance.

Despite a squabble about Sarita’s insistence that Stephanie be the caller over David, the core six alliance of Zapatera remained on course to remove Russell and his cronies, Stephanie and Krista.  The only question was which one would be sent home.  At tribal council Krista and Stephanie did their best to stir the pot, expressing their frustration with their tribe members.  In the end, Krista was sent to Redemption Island to face Matt in the next challenge.

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Survivor Season 22 Episode 5 Quotes

I think orange might look good on me.


Philip: You and I are going to be real good buddies tonight
Boston Rob: Do you have your underwear on?
Philip: Yep, but that doesn't stop me.