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At Ua camp, Ricard, Genie, and Shan reflect on getting to Day 10. Genie feels solid with Ricard and Shan. Genie searches for the "Beware Idol" assuming it is back in play. Genie finds it and brings it to Shan and Ricard. Shan suggests keeping it wrapped up so nobody loses a vote.

Shan tells Ricard she wants the idol. Together, they decide to look in the package to see if Genie has opened it. Ricard suggests using a bracelet as a fake idol if Genie opens it. If Shan loses her vote, she will give her extra one to Ricard.

Shan grabs the Beware Advantage and opens it, memorizing the "broccoli" phrase and putting in the fake idol bracelet. Ricard puts the Beware Advantage idol back where Genie was keeping it. 

Shan gives Ricard the extra vote. Ricard suggests that Shan just say the "broccoli" phrase to see if Luvu has found their part of the Beware Advantage. 

At Luvu camp, Sydney goes spear-fishing and brings back nine fish. Deshawn and Danny are nervous about how the men are being voted off on the other tribes and concerned about merge numbers. Deshawn tries to convince Naseer to throw a challenge so they can get rid of Erika. Naseer says he doesn't want to live without fire. He is happy Danny and Deshawn are including him in strategy conversations.

At Yase, Evvie chats with Xander, trying to keep him comfortable and make him think he's in control. Tiffany tells Liana that she doesn't trust Evvie. Tiffany suggests going through Xander's bag. Liana goes through it and reads the Beware Advantage. Meanwhile, Evvie suggests that Xander hide his advantage. Liana relays the contents of the Beware Advantage to Tiffany. Evvie suggests that he tells Tiffany and Liana about his advantage in order to build trust. Xander agrees it would be good to tell Tiffany, but not Liana. 

Xander tells Tiffany about the idol earlier in the day. He shows it to her, showing her the papers. She catches him out, remembering him saying the "butterfly" phrase, and he confesses that he's had the idol for a while. 

At the reward/immunity challenge, Shan says the "broccoli" line, Xander says the "butterfly" line, and Naseer says the "Astroturf" line. 

FLASHBACK: One day earlier, Naseer found the Beware Advantage at Luvu. He was overjoyed to find it, talking about how his daughter made him practice finding idols.

Back at the challenge, Jeff explains. They will need to climb over a net, release a key, unlock a machete, drop some sandbags, and shoot the sandbags at a target. The reward is a tarp each for the top two tribes.

Xander wins first immunity for Yase. Naseer wins second immunity for Luvu, sending Ua back to tribal council.

As the winning tribe, Yase is asked to choose two people to go on a journey. They choose Shan from Ua and Liana from their own tribe.  

Hiking up the mountain, Shan is excited to create a relationship with Liana. Shan shares about her idol, Liana shares about Xander's idol. They agree to be allies until the end. Shan tells Liana that if she is voted out, Ricard is not to be trusted.

Looking out at the ocean, they think of their mothers. Shan shares that her mother died a few years ago. In a confessional, Shan shares that she was put into foster care at a young age and got involved with a rough crowd. However, she met someone who took her to church and that is how Shan became a pastor. It was only in the last five years that Shan had reconnected with her mother.

Shan feels a connection with Liana she has not felt with anyone else. Faced with their decision, Liana says she would like to risk her vote. Shan says she will not. 

Back at camp, Liana gets a reward for risking her vote -- the  "Knowledge Is Power Advantage." She is allowed to ask one player if they have an idol or an advantage and they are not allowed to lie. If they do, they must give it to her. If they do not, she receives nothing and the advantage is powerless.

At Ua camp, Ricard asks Genie if Shan has talked to her. Ricard is creating a story to tell Genie to get her to vote out Shan with him. However, Ricard is actually planning to vote out Genie with Shan. Genie agrees with him, but she is planning to vote out Ricard with Shan. 

Shan tells her tribe about her journey with Liana, saying she protected her vote. Shan has a one-on-one with Genie  -- Genie pitches Ricard, saying he was planning to vote with her. Shan has a one-on-one with Ricard and asks for her extra vote. He thinks this means she will vote him out and he tells her so. He assures her that he is not voting for her, but that he will not give her back the extra vote until tomorrow. 

 At tribal council, Jeff asks Genie what happened with her and Ricard while Shan was gone. Genie says she obviously pitched voting out Shan to Ricard. Ricard notes that he's very good and coming up with plans and Shan is very good at figuring out how to make them happen. Shan says she had conversations with both of them but says they could be blindsiding her together.

Genie is voted out 2:1.



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Survivor Season 41 Episode 5 Quotes

It's not about who you trust in the game, it's about who trusts you.


Thanks for being so cool about me telling a lie.