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Emmett gets some surprising news while Regina convinces Daphne to go for a Latina college scholarship and Travis meets his hero. 

Daphne is applying to colleges they cannot afford with high hopes.

Bay is studying at Emmett's and he wants to make out. Nobody knows they're together.

Bay overhears Melody looking for jobs elsewhere, which would mean taking Emmett and Travis away.

Bay reminds Daphne that John and Kathryn can swing her college fund, but Daphne doesn't feel right asking.

Mary Beth goes to see Travis. He's upset his brother didn't get him football tickets to see a deaf player.

John and Kathryn approach Regina about Daphne's school expenses. Regina thinks none of the kids should pay for their own school. She thinks it makes kids entitled.

Gabe takes Melody to Cameron's housewarming party. 

Mary Beth finds out where Travis' hero is and tries to get them there.

Bay pushing things with Cameron and his girlfriend in the hope Emmett would get to stay more often. Just then, Cameron and Debbie share their news. It's a surprise wedding.

Kathryn goes to lunch with Sarah about the lawsuit. She'll drop it if Kathryn will take a look at the script for the TV movie being made about her book.

Sharee thinks it's unfair that Daphne is applying for the Latina scholarship. Daphne disagrees.

Bay discovers another secret Cameron and Debbie are keeping. They're pregnant.

Kathryn is well on her way to becoming friends with Sarah.

Daphne feels out of place at the Latina scholarship interviews.

Mary Beth and Travis talk about his family. Travis gets upset.

The interviewer asks Daphne if she's ever felt discriminated against for being Latina. Since no, she's not right for the scholarship. 

Kathryn asks Sarah if she ever slept with John.

Travis gets to meet his hero. "Go Hot or Go Home"

Bay talks about how she felt when they found Daphne. She thinks Cameron has room for both him and his new brother.

Regina admits she turned down John and Kathryn's offer because she thought it would take something away from her.

Bay tells Melody she knows about the job. Melody has too many reasons to stay, and Emmett needs both of them right now.

Emmett gathers up his old toys for his little brother. Not all of them, thought!

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Bay: You will always have me.
Emmett: Seeing you and being with you is the best part of every day.

Daphne: No, because people hold it against them in the same way they hold deafness against me. I know what it feels like.
Regina: So you're not Latina because you don't feel burdened enough? Me and your grandmother and generations before us faced discrimination because our name is Vasquez. You don't think that affects you?