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Bay reconsiders going to her prom while Kathryn, John and Regina learn the severity of Daphne's bad behavior.

There is a mini intervention when Bay tells her parents Daphne did cocaine.

Bay is totally into Prom and did campaigning on their behalf to be king and queen without her knowledge.

Most girls would kill to be prom queen. Bay isn't both girls.

John is angry that Regina is working with Chip Coto.

Daphne goes back to work and tries to pretend Angelo's death isn't bothering her.

Natalie was going to be a part of the plans, but when the school creates a dress code, dresses for girls, it means Natalie's girlfriend won't attend.

Wes and Regina talk about her job as a single parent. Then he gives the good news -- there was security footage of who destroyed all of their stuff.

Daphne never applied to Northwestern.

Tank offers to draw Toby a killer logo, and he's gotten good at dragons.

Daphne steals oxycodone from the clinic, but pours it down the drain instead of taking it. Really, she should have returned it so she wasn't a thief. Just sayin.

Bay feels guilty because she doesn't have to fight to be who she is. 

Surprisingly Dr. J. found out oxycodone was missing from the cabinet. Turning to drugs because you're freaked out by a patient doesn't work for Dr. J. Daphne is fired.

Bay wears a lovely female tux for prom, Natalie and Hillary join her, as well as Mary Beth.

Regina confronts Daphne about vandalizing the East Riverside project. She's absolutely stunned at what Daphne has done.

Toby felt awful that he went to Tank's fraternity and it leads to a nice bromance moment between them.

After they argue over Daphne's involvement in the vandalization, Wes sends Regina home.

When denied entrance to the prom, the kids have an outside prom.

Daphne disappears and is found by Angelo's roadside memorial. She is upset she never told Angelo she loved him when he was trying so hard to reconnect with her.



Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Counselor: OK everyone, gather around. We're about to announce your prom king and queen.
Bay: Oh. Exciting. Let's see who the prettiest, most popular, most superficial couple in the school is.
Natalie: Cool!
Bay: This is a joke, right?

Regina: Her dad just died!
Wes: Does that give her the right to break the law? She cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars! She forced us into bed with Coto! This is your project too!