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Daphne helps Angelo with a fund raiser for the clinic.

It seems Campbell and Jorge will be competing for Daphne's attentions.

Bay as has had surgery on her hand.

Bay can't ignore Mary Beths' feelings for Tank. It appears he might be the one who asked Mary Beth to the dance, until he suggests Mary Beth just needs to get to know him.

Now that they're together again, John is helping Kathryn with stories for her book.

Angelo gets a video of Abby.

Sharee needs to get a 90 on her physics exam in order to stay on the team.

Angelo's partner is changing the menu from Parisian bistro to Vietnamese fusion and Angelo wants to use Daphne's fundraiser to try out the menu to talk his partner into the bistro.

Nikki and Toby talk by video chat. She's doing real ministry and it's changing her. She wants Toby to join her, permanently.

John and Kathryn are disappointed when his old friend Donny shows up clean and sober with blacked out memories of old times.

Campbell shows up to the clinic fundraiser in a tux. 

When Tank shows up to meet Mary Beth as Bay arranged, it forces Mary Beth's hand to tell her about Ty's lie -- he didn't cheat on Bay but lied to protect her in case he dies.

Daphne is not happy with Angelo. First the catering and then he brings Abby to the fundraiser and has Dr. Jackson look at her for a checkup.

John's friends think they want to "swing."

Daphne goes to bat for Angelo with his business partner, comparing him to Jay Gatsby -- everyone wants to be at his parties. He's great at making people like him and that makes a great restaurant.

Bay receives brilliant advice from Emmett. Tank may not be perfect, but he's here, he likes her and he's trying. 

Daphne admits to Regina that she's jealous of Abby.

Kathryn gets John to open up about his own ribald past in the majors, including his triple, which was practically unheard of. She whips out her notebook to get it all down.

As Bay tells Tank what she's feeling about Ty, they argue again about he dogfight. A frat brother comes in and Bay lets slip a snide remark that one of these days all the girls are going to get together and pull a dogfight on them. Bros don't share that info with their girls and Tank's not happy.

Kathryn and Jon are rediscovering each other.

In art class, Tank doesn't want to talk with Bay, but sits next to her anyway. He tells her she's getting what she wants. He's being called in front of the executive board to find out if he's being blackballed from the chapter.

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Kathryn: Too bad he dried out.
John: Yeah, tell me about it. Dry Hump Ale.

John Kennish and his harem what just the juice I needed. Don't worry. The names have been changed to protect the slutty.