Butts On Three - Ted Lasso
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Sharon discusses the challenge of getting through to Ted with her therapist. Her therapist says she needs to meet Ted halfway by opening up.

While riding her bike, a car crashes into Sharon.

Ted waits for her at the hospital. She has a concussion. He walks her home. Ted makes some observations about her apartment. Sharon asks to be alone to get some rest.

Later, Ted calls to check in on her. Sharon laughs at his impersonations. She opens herself up to Ted by telling him she is worried she'll be too scared to ride her bike again.

Ted appreciates the gesture.

At a restaurant, Sam and Rebecca discover they're each other's Bantr match. Sam is elated, but Rebecca freaked out about it due to their working relationship and the age gap.

Sam convinces her to stay for dinner. She does. They have a wonderful time, but Rebecca won't let it go any further.

Richmond plays Man City, the team that relegated them, in the semifinal match. It's a bloodbath, and Richmond loses.

After the game, Jamie's dad comes to the locker room to see his son. The meeting between father and son turns ugly, and Jamie punches his dad.

Beard throws Jamie's dad out.

Roy hugs Jamie.

Feeling overwhelmed, Ted steps outside and calls Sharon. He tells her his father killed himself when he was sixteen.

Beard joins Ted outside and says he doesn't want to ride home with the team and goes off to shake the day off.

Rebecca comes. She listens to the interview Sam gave after the match. She texts if he's around.

Sam is at her door. Sam comes inside, and they kiss.

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Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Bumbercatch: Isaac is an artist with those clippers.
Colin: He only gives you one haircut per season. You try to save that for a very special occasion.
Dani: I'm not using mine until I'm married. Or I get circumcised.

The only nice thing you can say about Richmond today is Sam Obisanya's hair looks absolutely fantastic.