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Clarke arrives at Becca's lab, where Abby tells her that if they tested Luna's bone marrow on someone and exposed them to radiation, they could maybe make nightbloods on Earth. 

Meanwhile the black rain hits, leaving Ilian and Octavia stranded together in a cave. Octavia doesn't want to engage with Ilian, especially when he starts sharing pieces of his dark past hoping she would do the same. Instead she tries to feel something by going out into the rain, with Ilian saving her and Octavia convincing him to sleep with her. The next morning Ilian leaves to his home, but Octavia offers to take him there on her horse.

Bellamy and Kane manage to get everyone at Arkadia inside in time, but one of the original The 100 is stuck in the woods. Bellamy gets to the Rover, losing his suit against the black rain and sets out to save them. Sadly he ends up in a ditch and can't leave the Rover to find the survivors without risking his own life. Kane tells him to stay in the Rover because there's no chance they will all survive, but he still has a chance to wait out the storm himself.

Bellamy returns to Arkadia safe and sound, but he seems to be done listening to Kane, still blaming himself for the lives he couldn't save.

Emori overhears what Abby and Clarke are considering and wants to get out with Murphy. As she's about to leave, a grounder breaks into Becca's house and seems to have a dark history with her. She wants revenge against him but Clarke isn't so sure.

The grounder denies being the one to torture Emori, but they expose him to raidation anyway, only for Emori to reveal that she was lying to save herself and Murphy.

The 100
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The 100 Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Ilian: You want to survive out here alone? Let me help you.
Octavia: You've helped enough.

Clarke: I know that, but you just said it, we have no choice.
Abby: No, we have to make a choice.