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Kreizler has the killer's letter to Mrs. Santorelli analyzed by a handwriting expert, who places the killer's age between 24 and 35.  A fingerprint from the letter's stamp matches one found on Benjamin Zweig's watch. Sara theorizes that the killer has been dominated by a woman in his past. Kreizler violently resists this concept. Sara storms off, with Moore chasing her. Moore half-jokingly proposes to her. Sara sends out letters to hospitals seeking patients resembling her profile of the killer. Kreizler visits his mentor, Professor Cavanaugh, trying to get his thoughts unstuck. Kreizler and Moore take a train to interview a killer, Jesse Pomeroy, in prison. Jessie draws in Kreizler with a sad story, then attacks him. The mayor tells Roosevelt to let a suspect's family take care of him. Despite having no idea who the mayor means, Roosevelt plays along. Roosevelt tries to get the suspect's name from Connor, but Connor plays dumb. Roosevelt gives the Isaacsons new weapons, and gives Sara an assignment of secretly figuring out who is the suspect. Sara interrupts Kreizler's dinner as Roosevelt's messenger, to tell him that the police have a suspect. He convinces her to stay for drinks. She has found two possible suspects, one of whom was vouched for by the Episcopalian bishop. Kreizler interrogates the bishop, and the bishop lets the family name slip. Kreizler gives the name Willem van Bergen to Roosevelt, but tells him Willem isn't the killer, since the immigrant victims wouldn't have been found in Willem's social circles. Roosevelt tells Connor to find Willem. While Roosevelt and the police go to arrest Willem, he drugs another boy prostitute but is interrupted by his mother. Connor purposefully has sent the police to the wrong address. Roosevelt strips Connor of his badge and weapon. Kreizler discovers the killer is killing on holy days.

The Alienist
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The Alienist Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Doctor, we're not talking about the gilded upbringing of a handsome but indolent member of the leisure class.

Sara [to Kreizler, about Moore]

I do hope this letter has been written in jest. Or is it a training exercise?

Mr. McLeod [to Kreizler's team]