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Kreizler visits with a former patient, a madam, to try to figure out what drives his serial killer.  She says the killer may be seeking his vulnerability in others. The press pesters Roosevelt about the murder investigation. Connor shows Roosevelt the drawing kit with Moore's initials he recovered from the site of the most recent murder. The Isaacsons discover a piton at the base of the tower where the most recent murder occurred, indicating that the killer is a climber. Sara returns Moore's drawing kit to Kreizler. They discuss what it takes to become a killer. Moore returns to the brothel where he was drugged, and finds Marcus there. Marcus discovers fibers from a rope on the roof, postulating that the killer went down the air shaft. One of the boy prostitutes, Joseph, tells Moore about a client of one of the dead boys, who promised to take that boy to live in a castle. Byrnes advises the mother of a society pervert to send her son away so he can't be questioned by police. The killer coaxes another boy prostitute to leave the brothel. Kreizler interviews a dog killer. Moore takes a distraught Mary to see Edison's Vitaphone. Roosevelt told Sara about how he refused to fight a disabled Kreizler back in college. Kreizler chastises Mary for not telling him when she was going out. Kreizler returns the drawing kit to Moore. Moore's dentist suggests mercury salts might cause a silver smile. Moore tells Kreizler the killer has syphilis. The team is brought together at a club by the killer. Sara has a letter from the killer which Mrs. Santorelli delivered to the police. He is watching them as they read it. The killer is eating his victims' body parts. 

The Alienist
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The Alienist Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Maybe you should get a team of your best detectives to look into it right away. Maybe those smart Jewish boys could have a go.

Connor [to Roosevelt]

Kreizler: I'm here today as your pupil, madam.
Madam: I didn't know you had the imagination.