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Philip is with Alexei drinking his homemade hooch. Alexei admits he misses home, most especially skating with his mother.

Elizabeth is at "home" doing dishes, waiting for Tuan to return. When he does, she assures him he can be great at this job. Everything he's been through makes him special. But don't make the mistake again.

Tuan arranged to have shit put into Pasha's locker.

When Elizabeth and Philip get home, Paige is very upset. Pastor Tim thinks she's screwed up to the point he's worried about her soul.

Claudia doesn't much care about the Stobert and Kim for years, as well.

When they get home, they tell Paige they're hoping to move Pastor Tim. She asks about the wheat. She thinks it's kind of awful they made such an amazing impact and nobody will ever know.

Philip and Elizabeth are not pleased about the continuing Kansas work.

Dinner at Oleg's house looks good. They eat tomatoes and cucumbers like I do.

Philip is still very bothered about the idea Stan's girlfriend could be a setup.

Paige thinks Henry would be better off moving on. He's different.

Stan and the gang are getting training about smuggling at the airport, specifically in the bathroom stalls.

Philip takes Elizabeth to a questionable location and asks her to marry him. He has Father Andre waiting in the basement of a dilapidated warehouse and it is done.

Glory and honor.

They have a safe behind their electrical panel in the garage where they keep their most prized possessions. Behind it goes their new wedding rings.

Paige takes photos of Pastor Tim's diary under the guise of getting him a job somewhere far, far away. She includes the pages that tear her family asunder. That little shit. She wants her parents to kill him.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Elizabeth: Why does this bother you so much?
Philip: It just does.
Elizabeth: The centre has nothing to do with them. Come on. And what if they do? So what?
Philip: I don't want Stan to be like Martha.

I know it's not perfect, with God and everything.