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Kimmy's father's cassette picks up something interesting on her birthday.

She's 17. That kind of makes me sick.

Paige seems to be over Matthew. That makes her parents happy. They wonder about Tuan. Does he ever mention girls? Is he lonely?

Elizabeth decides to go over and maybe stay the night.

Phillip gets a call to meet with one of Gabriel's people on Thursday.

Agent chats with Stan. They have news about Gaad's death. Using Oleg is the best choice and he suggests Stan thinks it through.

Elizabeth gets home and finds Tuan isn't there.

Philip listens to the tape from Kimmy's dad's bag and it's boring to start.

Dee (Elizabeth) calls Evgheniya to see if Tuan is over there. Nope.

The tape was about hemorrhagic fever.

Elizabeth thinks Tuan might be reporting on them. But to who?

Three AM just seems a little late. It didn't feel right.

Philip tells Elizabeth about the tape. He wonders about the hemorrhagic fever.

Philip meets with a father at the hospital. Someone is getting drunk. Father Victor. I've never seen this guy before, or if I have, it's been seasons.

The father wants to meet with Philip on a regular basis. Philip doesn't think so.

Stan goes to see Mrs. Gaad. Nobody from the office has been by or even called. Even Stan agrees that's awful.

Stan hopes she will agree that Gaad wouldn't want revenge. She doesn't.

Henry wants to go to St. Edwards in New Hampshire.

Martha!!! She's making a baked potato (American style) in her Russian hole, listening to Russian music. She speaks the language. A knock at her door reveals Gabriel.

Gabriel talks to her, asks about friends, whether she's been introduced around, how her language is coming. When he begins talking about Clark and what's best for her, she loses interest. She asks that he never come back.

Someone wants to talk to Oleg.

A man tracked Tuan. Elizabeth is on the move.

Tuan is getting on a bus. He's going to Harrisburg.

The KGB wants the names of every American he had contact with both personally and professionally in America. LMFAO. They obviously have never been to America. He does give Stan Beeman as his main contact. He explains the operation about Nina and Stan and how they were all intertwined and how she was executed.

They wonder what happened with Stan, why it didn't work. How often do they work? Was Oleg angry about it? He's still angry.Oleg angry about it? He's still angry.

Philip is in Harrisburg to meet Tuan when he gets off the bus and commences following him.

Oleg talks with his father about his mother. Why didn't anyone ever tell him about his mother? His father almost left his mother when she got out of the camp. She wasn't the same girl who went in. In all these years, he's never seen the girl he lost in there. A lot of husbands left their wives. Not him. He made a family with his wife. He never told Oleg because he wanted him to have "all this."

Oleg goes to the prison to see the produce man. For the first time, he uses his family name, who he is and the weight of all that he is to pressure produce man into giving him a name.

Tuan's little brother from Washington has leukemia. He goes out of state to make the call, but when he caught surveillance, he went into the iHop and ate instead of making the call to his family.

On the car ride home, it was hard to tell if Elizabeth and Philip were going to burst out laughing or crying. They pretended they didn't might not believe him, but they had to. Philip kind of wondered if Tuan might want to be pulled out of this shit, start over.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Philip: And on the tape, a group of Mujahideen died of a hemorrhagic fever. So maybe it wasn't about protecting us after a nuclear attack. Maybe they just wanted to use it in Afghanistan.
Elizabeth: We don't know it's the same virus we gave them.
Philip: It's a hell of a coincidence if it isn't.

Father: I will pray for you. You should try it.
Philip: I keep hearing that.