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Phillip is still sitting on the couch when Elizabeth returns. Philip reveals all.

Elizabeth is shocked. She screams at Philip saying he loves to talk and if he wanted to, he would have. But Philip is done. Finally, he's done. It's just too late if I'm right.

"Wendy" is out in the thick of it again, getting ready to see Rafifi. Nothing stops her.

She needs him to write up a report about what's important to the Senator. The people all have clearance, so don't worry about that.

The taskforce is looking at orthodox priests.

Elizabeth, Claudia, and Paige are watching the summit. Nobody in the room met Gorbachev. As the nurse, Elizabeth is going to put a listening device in Haskert's briefcase because he'll be the only American at a Summit meeting.

When she gets to Erica's, Erica is dying. Her husband is sitting beside her bed. He did it, he said. He gave to her all the morphine he had saved up. He waited too long. He was selfish. Elizabeth tells him to say goodbye and to leave. She'll take care of it.

This is where Elizabeth's humanity comes into play. Does she have any?

Elizabeth goes over Erica and puts her hand on her forehead. She looks around her room at the art Erica created and kisses her forehead. She puts a paintbrush into her mouth, closes it and closes her nostrils. Erica begins to thrash around as biles rises up out of her throat and nose.

Elizabeth cleans off her hands, breaks the paintbrush and puts it into her pocket before cleaning off Erica's face.

She goes downstairs to tell Glenn Erica is gone.

Elizabeth tells him to head upstairs to spend time with her and begins photographing the items in his briefcase.

Glenn wants Stephanie to have one of Erica's paintings. He insists. Her work at his house is done.

Elizabeth takes the painting off of the frame and almost begins to set it on fire, but rolls it and puts it away. Thinking better of it, she takes it back out and burns it. What a bitch.

"Wendy" gives Rafifi a new briefcase with his initials on it and on her couch is one of her flimsy bras. He brought a movie and she starts getting him drunk.

Renee has a job interview at the FBI.

Elizabeth wants Jackson to take a box into the Summit meeting and leave it in room 6226 with a piece of the Senator's stationery on top.

Philip tries to call Henry, but he's not around.

Stan visits a man named Curtis to ask about Gregory Thomas and a woman he was hanging out with. Stan asks if Elizabeth is the white woman his friend was hanging out with at the time and wonders what he remembers.

Philip goes to see Stavos. He has to apologize. He tells him it's better Stavos got out earlier rather than later so he can get a job. Everything is going wrong. Stavos says even knowing something is going on in the back room, he never called the police and he never will. He was raised to be loyal.

Elizabeth waits for Rafifi to get the box for her. Jackson looks like he's been sitting around plutonium.

Jackson looked inside the boxes and realizes he's been asked to bug the meeting. He's freaking out. He wants to know who she is and what's going on. That's when Elizabeth shows her true colors.

She tells him not to mention it to his father. That he's old enough to keep some things to himself. She asks that he tell her he understand. He says he doesn't understand. But questioning her humanity did some good. Seeing a boy crouching in fear and crying in front of her saves his life.

Philip is getting fit for a new suit. Is it funeral attire?

Elizabeth is listening to the recording Jackson got for her.

Philip is in disguise out to get a video.

Elizabeth has a newspaper with something folded in the middle.

Philip wants to watch a Russian movie, thus the disguise.

Elizabeth didn't kill the man they've been told to kill who might be a traitor. He seems like a decent man to her. Claudia thinks she's lost her confidence.

Elizabeth cannot believe she's been duped. She won't do what Claudia asks. She leaves.

Stan is watching Philip watch TV. Renee thinks he's looking at the moon.

Elizabeth wonders why Philip had to betray her. He said he was protecting his country first, exactly what she would have done.

She tells him to get a message to Oleg. She goes back out to protect the man the Center is trying to smear, leaving Philip to deal with a message from Father Andre.

The Americans
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The Americans Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Philip: I have to tell you something. Uh, a while back, someone from home reached out to me.
Elizabeth: What?
Philip: I tried to talk to you about it.
Elizabeth: When?
Philip: A few times.
Elizabeth: Who was it?
Philip: Some guy; it doesn't matter.
Elizabeth: What did he want?
Philip: He said there are people at the Center who want to get rid of Gorbachev. They're trying to prevent that.
Elizabeth: What does that have to do with you.
Philip: He said you met with a general of the strategic rocket forces who is a part of it. He asked me to tell him what you were doing.
Elizabeth: And?
Philip: I did.

Philip: Listen...
Elizabeth: I know Chicago was hard.
Philip: I don't care about that.
Elizabeth: But you do, and I know that you worry. Don't. Philip, I know what I'm doing.
Philip: Do you? You're wearing a cyanide pill around your neck.