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From 30, one rose will rule them all! The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 1 begins Chris Soules stint as America's most eligible bachelor, at least until the Final Rose ceremony when he chooses his bride!

On the season premiere, thirty women introduced themselves to Farmer Chris in a cocktail-fueled party for the ages which might have actually earned the title of "most dramatic cocktail party ever." 

Instead of introducing all the women at once, producers sent in 15, then encouraged Chris to mingle with the women who would go on to fight for his affections. Just as they all settled into the idea that there would be only 15 contestants this season, Chris Harrison revealed it was time for round two.

Chris Soules returned to the driveway to meet another 15 women, doubling his total number of potential brides. Meanwhile, the drinks continued to pour inside the party.

Britt, a waitress from Los Angeles, received the First Impression rose and the first kiss of the season before Chris Soules handed out roses to another 21 women in a rose ceremony that was not without dramatics. Before he could finish handing out the roses, Soules took a break to converse with Chris Harrison about one of the ladies.

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