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On The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 11, the women tell all! They'll dish and discuss the happenings inside the house as well as share their lingering feelings for Chris Soules.

To start, Britt and Carly go at it and Britt wants to know why Carly acted like they were friends if they really weren't. Carly says she never acted like she was Britt's friend and Britt says that's not true. Jillian heatedly comes to Britt's defense and Chris Harrison has to ask her to calm down.

Britt, Jade, and Kaitlyn all seem to have feelings for Chris despite no longer being on the show. Britt tells him that everything she told him was true. Jade confronts him about comments he made in his People blog, which he blames on poor word choice, and Kaitlyn wants to know why he didn't give her the courtesy of sending her home before the rose ceremony.

Elsewhere, Ashley S. is still legitimately crazy and so is Kelsey. Juelia calls her one of the most fake people she's ever encountered. 

Chris Harrison reveals that he's written a book, a romance novel, due out in May. That will hold us all over until The Bachelorette premieres this summer.

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