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Before the rose ceremony, Vanessa confronts Nick about his actions with Corinne on the bouncy house. He says he is happy he called her out, but to give Corinne a chance. All of the women think Nick is going to send Corinne home, but she gets the final rose. A visibly upset Brittany and Christen get the boot.

The 15 remaining women head to Wisconsin with Nick. After a visit with his parents, Danielle L. gets the one-on-one date. They go on a tour of Nick's hometown and run into one of his ex-girlfriends. She opens up about her parent's divorce, and she gets the rose.

On the group date, the women go to a farm and have to milk cows and scoop manure. Corinne is uninterested, and the rest of the girls get upset when she does not participate. After the women continue to talk about her, she confronts them and defends her decisions to take naps. None of the women are convinced that she is mature enough for Nick, but Nick and Corinne continue to get along. However, Kristina gets the group date rose. 

Raven gets the second one-on-one date, and goes to Nick's little sister's soccer game. She gets a rose.

The Bachelor
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The Bachelor Season 21 Episode 4 Quotes

I’m not privileged in any way, shape or form.


If you're here to find a wife, that's me. If you're not here to find a wife, I'm happy to give the rose back.