An Old Fashioned Lockdown - The Big Leap
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  • Opens with a  young Justin breakdancing with a group and earning money. He uses his cut on his mom and when he gets home, he dances with her.
  • Justin's brother lied to their father about Justin needing to be there to work instead of acnkowledging that they need help.
  • Reggie is leaving and they throw him a going away party, but the cameras will still follow him.
  • Simon thinks he's the only one keeping the production together, and Travell and Adon aren't impressed with Brittney and are annoyed Aja is the wizard now and left them.
  • Wayne is making the crew stay locked in together for a sleepover to help boost morale.
  • Linus, the boom, gives Julia a gluten-free snack and bonds with her.
  • Mike plans a trip with Paula when she's done with chemo. He's super optimistic about her beating cancer again.
  • Reggie has a tough time during practice and his competition is well-loved by everyone.
  • Nick and Monica have to sit through HR because of her announcement about them sleeping together.
  • Bernadette, the HR lady basically tells them she's rooting or them and that they should bask in their relationship.
  • Reggie goes out with the team.
  • Nick talks to Paula about her diagnosis and if she's scared or not. It seems like there is more to her prognosis than she's sharing.
  • Monica comes in to have sex with Nick and it prompts him to ask her out for dinner. She declines. She wants things to just be casual and he wants to call them off because he's tired of her making all of the rules.
  • Brittney locks Wayne up in the stairwell so they can all get a break from him.
  • They get Nick's credit card to get booze for their party. They go to the gas mart and dance and have fun. Travell and Paula realize they have something in common when Travell joined the show since he missed teaching kids dance because of COVID. Camron was an ICU nurse who wanted to live her life
  • Simon calls up Justin, but Justin has to get off the phone to help his father.
  • Linus and Julia dance outside and he asks her out again, but she declines.
  • Justin and his father talk about Justin's mother and bond.
  • Marissa, a girl at the bar Reggie used to know kisses him. He declines and tells her about Gabby and sends her home, but the cameras don't catch him leaving because of an obstructed view and thinks that he went with her.
  • Paula tells Nick that she's dying.
  • Julia aks Linus out.
  • Monica goes to see Earl and tells him how important Justin ins to her and brings Mike friends to help Earl with the business while Justin dances.
  • He dances in celebration and thinks about his mom.
The Big Leap
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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Wayne: I'll admit, we had a few setbacks. Morale is low.
Simon: We lost Justin, our best dancer, and Reggie, a so-so dancer, but biggest audience draw. I'm still here, though, so I'm sure everybody is taking in comfort in that, but I gotta tell you, I feel the weight of this production on my shoulders.

Reggie: We're done here, right?
Nick: Check your contract. Our cameras will be following you until the show wraps. Jessica will be joining you.