IThink I Wanna Marry You  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 9
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  • In 2015, Mike's father was passing away from an illness. While his family was in the room during the last rites for his father, he was in the kitchen organizing things. His sister went to get him, calling him out on always being in denial when people pass away and avoiding it, and they both miss their father's passing.
  • Paula and Mike talk about her dying while shopping. They go over her bucket list. He agrees to things he can help her with, and also says that he'll marry her too. She proposes to him in the middle of the store and he agrees. Mike remembers he's still legally married.
  • Mike and Paula tell Nick they're getting married. Nick has 24 hours to do the wedding and rush Mike's divorce.
  • Nick hears how much she's passionate about marrying Mike and promises it'll be the best day.
  • Monica's ex-girlfriend, Annie, a broadway director stops by to visit and Monica wants Justin to audtion for Annie's play.
  • Julia heads out to prepare for Paula's bachelor party and it's an unofficial date with Linus. They stop at a fro-yo shop where she sees that Kevin is working there and never told her he was back.
  • Nick becomes a Bridezilla mom trying to get the perfect wedding for Paula, and he wants Wayne to officiate, but he refuses.
  • Paula wants Nick to officiate which puts him into the show instead of behind it, something Nick isn't comfortable with.
  • Mike gets emotional when trying to choose rings. They get Paula a stripper for her bachelorette party. Julia breaks down crying because of how sad it is. Paula talks to everyone.
  • Mike is having a hard time, but his friends come to talk to him. He breaks down crying when they talk to them.
  • Nick tries to get the wedding approved. He makes a deal with someone to get the approval after getting denied.
  • Nick has to convince Paige to sign the divorce papers.
  • Nick officiates and the wedding ceremony is perfect.
  • They have a dance party for Mike and Paula at the reception.
  • Jessica insists on showing Gabby the footage of Reggie's kiss with another woman.
  • Kevin shows up at the reception in his yogurt shirt and Julia explodes on him.
  • Anna wants Justin to tour Europe in the show for six months just as Simon makes up with him.
  • Nick laments that he can't save Paula.
  • Gabby talks to Reggie about what happens and leaves with Sam.
  • Mike and Paula have a sweet night together.
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The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

What? A pregnancy, a wedding, and a divorce all in one episode? Thank you!


OK, let's get this out of the way. I have cancer. And it's weird for me, too, but when I'm here with you guys, I'd like to be treated like a normal person, not a puppy abandoned at a truck station.