Pizza Night  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 6
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  • It opens with Simon and Brittney preparing for a performance with their mother hyping them up. They get second place, which isn't enough for their mother who berates them.
  • Brittney and Gabby dance together and pick a song they'll perform to for a package.
  • Justin and Simon rehearse together, and when the sexual tension between them becomes too much, they practice again and kiss.
  • Brittney and Simon's mother interrupts things and reminds the twins that they are a packaged deal.
  • Tonya wants Brittney to continue trying to "bag" Reggie because he's an NFL player, and she wants things to stop between Simon and Justin.
  • Zack asks Nick to make the aftershow live despite all of his crew members telling him no.
  • Reggie talks to Mike and his friends about the note who wrote Gabby and how he never heard them back.
  • Paula tries to help Julia get her kids there for premiere night.
  • Aly gets JLO to host. but she drops out.
  • Gabby invites Brittney over for pizza night at her house
  • Tonya tries to bribe Nick for more screentime for the twins.
  • Monica and Wayne have to prep all the contestants for their first time in front of cameras live.
  • Simon is avoiding Justin and diminishing their kiss.
  • Brittney and Gabby realize they have things in common and bond when Brittney is at Gabby's house She speaks about some of the bad memories she has because of her mother's poor decisions.
  • Joel tells Mike that Paige is pregnant, and he reminds him to get over things and just find happiness with Paula.
  • Brittney finds the letter that Reggie left for Gabby and leaves.
  • Brittney tells her mother about Reggie's letter and what she learned about Gabby and her teacher.
  • Nick gets knocked out and the live show is off to a  bumpy start.
  • Simon reminds his mother not to do anything wrong.
  • Simon goes off script to talk about how good Justin is and Brittney gives Gabby the cold shoulder. Paula downplays any romance with Mike while he alludes to possibilities.
  • Brittney shares that Gabby got pregnant by her high school teacher Everyone is appalled by her behavior.
  • A commotion starts when people start throwing things
  • Zack is excited that the show is trending and everyone is talking about it.
  • Jessica gives Brittney the gift that Gabby had for her and its the picture Sam colored with her. Simon sees the note and wonders if that's why Brittney did what she did. Brittney blames it on her mom and says it's them against the world, and Simon is disgusted and declines.
  • Gina tells Gabby how much she loves her and they share a moment.
  • Simon apologizes to Gabby and gives her the note from Reggie.
  • Simon goes to Justin's house to apologize for pushing him away. Justin forgives him and recognizes that he has stuff too. They kiss and head inside presumably to make love
  • Mike goes to Paula to apologize and wants to pursue a relationship with her, but she insists that they're still friends. She may have gotten news from her doctor about her cancer and is pushing Mike away,
  • Gabby shows up at Reggie's door.She asks him if he meant the letter, and he says he does. They kiss.
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Ain't no mountain high, ain't no valley low, to keep us from making a live show.


Our brand is the twins. You two are not interesting as individuals. What have I said about subplots?