High School Hell  - The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 5
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  • Flashback to Paula giving a speech about her job and upholding her image and name of The Executioner when a woman pies her in the face. 
  • Paula tells Nick she wants to tell Mike the truth offcamera. 
  • They take Paula's stuff and hold Mike up so they can keep her from telling Mike on her own. 
  • They take Gabby, Justin, Simon, Brittney, and Reggie to Gabby and Justin's high school.
  • Reggie breaks up with Britnney in front of everyone.
  • They arrange some time for Gabby to speak with her favorite teacher, English teachwr Curtis, who is apparently Sam's father.
  • Nick heads to the school to talk to Gabby when he pieces togtether that her English teacher is Sam's father. Gabby  is upset and he doesn't know if he wants to show it or not.
  • Simon helps a boy ask a girl to homecoming. 
  • They're still keeping Mike and Paula separate.d
  • Gabby tells Justin the story about Curtis.
  • Paula uses the dancers to distract the producer keeping her held up.
  • Paula manaages to tell Mike the truth before she's carted away. 
  • Simon and Reggie find success
  • Julia shows the sound guy her husband's guitar that she plans on selling and fantasizes about having sex with him and then thinks of him recording her somehow and stops. She can't sell the guitar 
  • The students perform Gabby's stunning chereography. 
  • Gabby decides she does want to do something about Curtis. 
  • Nick goes to re interview Curtis.
  • Gabby confronts Curtis. 
  • Paula apologizes to Mike in front of his friends. 
  • Gabby tells Sam the truth. 
  • Brittney gets the details about Gabby and Curtis from Allen. 
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I was 18. I was obsessed with him. He said he loved me, when I got pregnant, he didn't want anything to do with me after that.


That's him. That's the dad. Oh, God. That's the dad.