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The conclusion of the two-part mid-season finale picked up right where last week's episode left off. A shot rang out. Did Dembe get killed? No, he didn't. It was Aram. He shot one of Anslo's guys who had Liz at gunpoint. With communications back up, they sent out a message for help before they were captured and brought before Anslo.

When Liz showed up everything changed. Red immediately forced Ressler to give up the code to open the box and he did so willingly to protect Liz. That was signal to Anslo that Liz was important to Red, so he took both of them with him. They escaped through a tunnel to an ambulance. 

Anslo wanted the tracker removed from Red first. While that was being done, Liz used the defibrillator to take out one guy and used his gun to kill the driver. She jumped out of the ambulance and got into a car to chase them. She lost Red when his tracker was removed. He was taken to a warehouse to be interrogated.

Anslo gave him a drug to cause him more pain, but it didn't work. It turned out that Anslo wasn't the one after Red, he was just hired to find him and bring him to the warehouse. Another man wanted to speak to him about breaking their arrangement. Red knows a secret and agreed to keep it such. His deal with FBI threatened this other deal. And, somehow it involves Liz.

Liz and Aram looked into the mole and found calls were being made between the Post Office and the house across the street. Liz found the Apple Man and killed him when he attacked her. They found the surveillance. Liz contacted Red's Mr. Kaplan for help. He ended up being a woman.

Using the Apple Man's GPS, they located a tech center being used by the group following Red. The information showed they were also following members of the task force. They tracked Red's location but he was gone by the time they found him.

Ressler survived his shooting and his ex-fiancee showed up. She's engaged to someone else now.

Liz got a call from Red. She asked if he was her father and he said no. And then he warned her to be careful of her husband. Tom wants Liz to quit her job and move away with him.

The task force has shifted its focus to search for Red.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Anslo, what are you doing here?


Liz: Are you my father?
Red: No.