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The FBI gets intelligence that Red is the target of an assassination attempt. Donald goes to get Red from Germany to protect him at their black site. Red gets there and says that if they got that tip then that's what Anslo Garrick wanted. He couldn't get Red when he was out and about, but now he had a location to target.

As they are discussing the situation, Garrick infiltrates the facility killing many of the guards. Donald takes Red to protect him in the box. On the way, Donald is shot. Red shoots their way out of it and gets into the box. Red tries to save Donald from dying while Garrick taunts Red from outside the box.

Liz gets out of the elevator and helps to try and take out the communication jammers. And, Harold and Meera are captured by Garrick's men. When Garrick's plan to use explosives to get in the box doesn't work, he kills someone to try and get Red to get the code from either Harold or Donald.

Harold refuses to give the code and Donald is unconscious.

Liz gets captured and a shot is fired as Part 1 ends.

The Blacklist
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