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An extremist group, General Ludd, blows up a plane in the air. The FBI wants Red to help and he initially refuses because his deal is that he will bring the cases to them not the other way around. He negotiates access to ViCAP for his assistance. With his tips, they end up capturing the founder but only after another plane explodes in the terminal and an armor car is stolen.

Red intercepts Bradley Holland before the FBI can get to him in order to take the currency specs that were stolen from the armored car. Liz figures it out and confronts Red about it.

In Minnesota, Liz's father is dying. He keeps it a secret from her, but somehow Red knows about it. He goes to visit Sam and they reminisce. Sam adopted Liz when she was four years old. He wants to tell her the truth, but Red doesn't want her to know. Red commends Sam on being a good father and promises to take care of Liz after he's gone.

In order to protect the mysterious secret from Liz, Red kills Sam in his death bed. Tom shows up at the hospital too late to see Sam. Tom sits outside trying to decide how to tell Liz her father's dead when Red sits down next to him. They don't appear to know each other. Red tells Tom that her father will always be watching.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Did you hear me? I said I need his new name. Give it to me or I'll have the Miami Field Office tear your practice apart faster than you can say tummy tuck.


Then you'll just have to find another criminal to talk to Elizabeth Keen and make fun of Ressler.