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On the season finale of The Blacklist…

Tom Connolly arrives at the FBI headquarters to arrest Liz.

Red tells her to get out, but Liz is reluctant.

However, Liz realizes it is all a set up but she is captured.

Harold wants nothing to do with Tom Connolly, and he goes to Red. The two helps Liz escape.

Liz wants to know the truth Red is hiding, but he refuses to tell her.

Liz goes to Tom, and the two try and track down the man who might have answers and the man who infected her with the virus.

Tom and Liz sleep together.

Tom tells Liz she can’t go with him if she really wants to know who she is.

Harold learns he doesn’t have cancer but was set up to think he did.

Red gathers a bunch of journalists to reveal to them the truth about the cabal and to spread the information.

Liz and Harold confront Tom Connolly.

She has a flashback to shooting her father, and she shoots Tom Connolly.

Red comes to Liz’s aid again, and she tells Red she knows why he was trying to prevent her from the truth. The two leave together.

Ressler is now in charge, and Liz is placed on the FBI’s most wanted list.

The Blacklist
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