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A little girl and her father are running in the woods. It's winter time. The father gets killed by something. The girl almost gets killed by a truck.

Liz visits with Red. He has a concussion from the car accident. He's on bed rest and can't leave.

Liz thinks the girl is related to the bag of bones. 

Red goes to see Jennifer. She tells him that Garvey didn't give her a duffel bag. He wants to find Naomi. He thinks Garvey might have given her the bag.

Liz and Samar are at the hospital with the girl. She has a circle drawn around her on the floor. Liz is asking the girl questions about her father.

The girl's dad is being brought into a camp. 

Liza and Samar learn about the contagion and the elders in the woods from a videotape a doctor gave them. The Olo.

The father is being purified by being thrown into a big smoker barbecue. If they find the girl the same thing will happen to her because it's considered that she would be infected.

Red asks a security guard at a prison for information about a prisoner.

Liz questions Mabel again. She wants Mabel to take her to see Mr. Moore and the place in the woods. Some guy takes Mabel away and Samar is knocked out and put into the van and ends up with the girl before Liz has a chance to get to them.

Aram is freaked out about Samar being taken.

Ressler finds something about Mr. Moore. He is in the FBI database. He and Liz investigate the man's wife.

Red is talking to Judson at the prison asking about the duffel bag. Judson tells Red Garvey last went to Costa Rica.

Samar and the girl are delivered to Moore who isn't happy to see Samar. She's still knocked out.

Jennifer calls Red and tells him she can take him to Naomi. He sends someone else to Costa Rica to track down the lead.

Red tells Jennifer everything about the Cabal and other information about himself. She wants to know why she was abandoned. He tells her why he abandoned them.

The little girl is back in New Haven and they are taking her to the barbecue to set her on fire. The FBI show up and an alarm goes off. A shootout ensues. Liz gets the little girl out.

The people are holed up inside and Aram wants them to breach immediately to save Samar. Aram goes on his own to talk to the people inside. He tells them about the book.

The girl's mom confronts Moore and his lies. She leaves and goes to the police. More people leave. Moore kills Nicholas and a shootout ensues. The FBI breach the house.

Aram confronts Moore about Samar but he doesn't say anything. She's still missing.

Jennifer takes Red to a cemetery. Naomi is dead. She asks him to never contact her again.  He agrees.

Liz introduces the girl's mom into the real world. 

Harold and Ressler can't find Samar. They are going to reach out to Red to see if he can help. She won't let Red leave to Costa Rica. 

Samar is still alive. The kidnapper is driving her somewhere.






The Blacklist
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