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Samar tries to escape but she gets caught and Lawrence Devlin takes her prisoner in his van.

Aram gets information from Nicholas Moore about the guy who kidnapped Samar after he gets the guy something out of the evidence room.

Red tries to help and offers his torture guy but Aram already got the name of the Blacklister.

Red heads to Costa Rica to chase after the bag of bones.

Samar causes Lawrence Dane to almost die while driving. She ends up with a tire iron in her gut.

Red is at an auction. The head of the auction is not interested in seeing him.

Samar gets the tire iron out.

Red causes issues and gets to talk to Gonzalez.

Harold learns what Aram did but they continue looking for Samar. Meanwhile, Samar is trying to get out of the van.

Aram leaves a message on Devlin's phone threatening him. Devlin gets out of the van and tells Samar she's going to die there. Meanwhile, the FBI goes to his cabin but Devlin is not there. However, a guy runs out and Aram captures him demanding to know where Samar is.

Red is in the back with Gonzalez trying to negotiate with him, but Red learns that Ian Garvey was never there and didn't leave a duffel bag.

Devlin is eaten by a Grizzly bear. Samar is able to reach his phone through the cage but the van rolls into a lake. She can't get out.

Ressler and gang find Devlin's burial ground.

Red is looking at surveillance tapes from the last auction. Garvey gave the bones to some other guy. Red knows who he is.

Samar is trying to get out of the van. She's trying to get the other phone on the seat and calls Aram while he's looking at bodies. She doesn't know where she is. She tells him about Devlin. She tells Samar she would have said yes if he would have asked her to marry him. The water is rising. Time is limited.

Aram goes looking for her alone. He's agitated but my pure luck he finds where the van rolled and crashed into the river. The van is completely under the water. Samar is still alive and Aram goes into the water to get her out.

Samar is going to need a lot of help, but he pulls he rout and takes her to land. He's performing CPR on her. She's not responding.

Red is driving with Smokey and telling him who the guy is that Garvey gave the bag to. Red is disheartened.

Samar is in the hospital. She's alive but in a coma. Aram is talking to her and plays music for her to try to get her to respond.

The doctors say Samar may never breathe on her own.

Liz is in Costa Rica visiting with Gonzalez. She finds Red.

She knows Max Birmingham has the duffel bag. She tells Red she is going to get the duffel bag. He's not happy.

Aram proposes to Samar in the hospital.


The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Liz: I brought you here to help find Samar, not hunt for the duffel bag.
Red: I offered Harold my assistance. Now, I'm just juggling.

You disappoint me, yet at the same time you impress me.