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A guy gets "punished" by a group for making cheap handguns

Detective visits Liz to return Tom's things to her which includes keys to a safebox. Inside the safebox is a notebook and a postcard from Slovenia.

The Invisible Hand votes to kill Anna Hopkins.

Harold gives Liz information on Oleander, the name from Tom's notebook. He was a Russian operative. Liz goes to visit him. It turns out Oleander is Liz's grandfather.

Red goes with the post office guy to meet with Big Willie to straighten things out about the drug package.

The Task Force continues to investigate the Invisible Hand and its members.

Liz asks "Oleander" about Katarina Rostova.

Red is in the middle of a drug war. Anthony the post office guy gets shot. Red and Dembe take him out of the warehouse and get him help.

Dom tells Liz stories about Katarina.

The Task Force figures out the Invisible Hand is after Hopkins.

The bad guys get Anna Hopkins before Ressler can save her. Samar and Ressler eventually find them and save Hopkins.

Red finds the guy who built the eye from one of the Invisible Hand members.

Liz goes back to work on the Task Force to continue her pursuit of Tom's killers. She thinks the man responsible is a cop. Turns out detective works for Garvey who is a cop.




The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Imagine the confidence a man has to have in his own genitals to take on a nickname like Big Willie.


Relax. In a matter like this, honesty is always the best policy. Probably.