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The Task Force members are being arrested. Anna is on the phone with Diaz. Diaz is planning to kill someone at the debate for his wife.

Anna doesn't have Liz but know where she's at. Anna tells Harold she'll help him if he reaches out to Liz and brings her in. Harold refuses.

Liz is on the phone with Red and has a plan to save the Task Force.

Red goes to see Ruteger who he's planning to use to save the Task Force. The plan is put into action with Red's people outside and Liz on the inside.

The team is released and make their way out. They all meet and make a plan. Anna is aware and the three are caught and then put into the box which was Red's plan all along.

Anna gets over the speaker to give Harold another chance. Red gets into the Task Force facility.

Liz communicates to the box for instructions for Aram to take the war room cameras down.

Red and his team make their move.

Anna's team learns that Red's team is inside. He sends his team away, but i was all a diversion.

Red connects with Liz and they get to the box. Aram gives him the code. Anna is on her way but Red and the other scat before they get there.

Red and everyone gather at a place to eat and talk about their plans to prevent Anna's plan.

Each member has a task to do.

Even Vontae is involved!

Liz tells the team she's bringing Agnes home.

Red talks with Ressler on the side about his investigation and the Russian guys wanting information.

The protest begins.

Red is talking with someone about Katarina. This guy is going to get something done.

The team is ready and things get going.

The debate is taking place. Anna is told that Ressler and keen are onsite. The agent goes into position o kill.

The shot goes off but Keen and Ressler interrupt and wife gets shot. Ressler and Keen are taken into custody.

Aram is arresed as well.

Harold calls Red and tells him they were taken.

Diaz wants to talk to Sandquist.

The trio is taken somewhere with Sandquist when Red's men come to the rescue and a shootout ensues.

Red loses a couple of guys. Aram leaves the ruck and joins the firefight.

Sandquist is killed by Ressler. Anna shows up and puts a gun to Red's head.

And then Dembe shows up with a kill blow to Anna.

The team goes back to the restaurant and watch the news.

Red and Dembe talk about the plan is in place. Dembe tells him that his path led him back to Red.

Ressler is trying to figure out who was the real target.

Red is being taken to the wife's room to talk about Russian stuff and that Diaz wanted his wife dead.

She tells the story.

Harold is talking to Diaz about resigning.

Agnes comes home. Red and Dembe is there.

Red visits again wih his friend who has information for him.

This guy believes he's found Katarina. He goes to Paris and finds Katarina.

She kisses him.

She sticks him with a needle and he passes out and a car comes and takes him away.






The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

Nobody's killing anybody.


Anna: Agent Keen? She won't make it out of here alive.
Harold: Then you don't know Agent Keen.