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Red and Dembe arrive at a warehouse where there's a dispute about a shipment. Red calms the situation.

A guy is playing video poker and losing. A woman starts talking to him. She knows everyone about him and makes him an offer.

The guy calls Red. His name is Henry. He tells Red luck is on his side. Red knows he was visited by Lady Luck.

Ressler is talking to some guy about Katarina.

Smokey tells Red on his plane that everything is set. He also tells Smokey that he's going to confront people who betrayed him.

Liz shows up and Red gives her information about Lady Luck.

Liz reports back to the Task Force.

Henry is talking to Lady Luck about his debt. Liz and Ressler talk to Henry's wife. She talks about his gambling problems.

Henry enters a bathroom where a woman is taking a bath and drowns her.

Ressler investigates he murder.

Henry calls his wife and tells her to meet him at the park. Ressler is listening in.

Red is cooking at a restaurant when he meets a guy to talk about his loyalty and if he was the one who turned him in.

Aram finds information about the woman who was killed. She was a gambler who was in debt as well.

Someone delivers information to Ressler and Liz opens thinking it had to do with the gambling case and goes off on Ressler. Ressler lies.

Lady Luck is at a gambler's anonymous meeting where a guy is talking about how he blew his daughter's tuition on gambling.

Later, Lady Luck talks to Ned about his problems and makes him an offer.

Red tells Smokey who he's going to talk to next and why. He asks Martin if he turned him into the police. Red doesn't wantt to be in the drug business and is not happy Martin was doing drug deals while he was in jail. He asks Smokey what he should do with Martin.

Red tells another story as he makes a drink. Then he shoots the guy. Smokey is scared.

Henry arrives at the park to meet his wife. Ressler and Liz is listening in.

Ned is in the park and he shoots Henry before the cops get to him.

Ressler calls his CIA guy and asks more information and asks for additional help.

Ned is brought in for questioning. Henry is also answering questions.

The Task Force tries to set up Lady Luck through Ned.

Lady Luck leaves to meet wih Ned. She's got her husband tied up. 

Ressler and Liz waiting when Lady Luck calls and she knows something is up and that he was talking to the cops. Then she hangs up. The cops are all over but they can't find her and she drives off.

Red catches Smokey in a lie and confrons him about it. Smokey tries to explain the truth to him. Smokey was helping Martin with the drugs. Red tells Smokey everything he knows and he's not happy.

Even Dembe is scared of Red and his ruthlessness as Red talks about a flying/falling dream with Smokey.

Lady Luck is at home talking to her grandson.

The Task Force finds out about Agathe, Lady Luck and about her husband who was a gambling addict and her son died because of it.

Liz and Ressler go to the daughter's house and tells her what's going on. Then they head to her house. 

She doesn't fight when they come in. She explains herself and then trips the breaker to kill her husband.

Agatha's daughter learns about what her mother did. 

Red and Dembe arrive at a concert that Red financed for children.

Ressler's finds out more information about Katarina and that she might be alive. They found her mother.

Lady Luck is talking with her daughter. Liz wants to know about the Third Estate from Henry. She shares the info with Ressler. The Third Estate is related to the conspiracy.

Ressler was going to tell Liz what he found but he changed his mind.

Dembe tells Red he thinks what Red did to Smokey was wrong. Red asks Dembe if he would come forward with the truth if he knew it. Dembe says yes.

Agatha's husband is still alive and his daughter visits and tells him she's taking over the family business.



The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

I'm married to a loser, Henry. It's a fate worse than death.

Lady Luck

Ultimately everyone's fate is negotiable except for the person who turned me in. Whoever they are, their fate is sealed.