The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Lady Luck

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Lady Luck won't be on Liz or Dembe's side once Red finds out their secret.

Red showed his dark side on The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 16, and it was scary AF.

We've seen what Red is capable of throughout almost six seasons of The Blacklist, but we've never seen him like this.

Calming the Situation - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 16

As much as I don't want to believe it, it's entirely possible that Red already knows about Liz and Dembe.

He's playing them both the same way he played Smokey.

How he would have even found out is anyone's guess.

Testing Loyalties - The Blacklist

But the things Red said this hour to them both wasn't just chance.

At the very least, Red is suspicious of Dembe.

He might have a strong feeling that Dembe knows something and is hoping Dembe will come clean before he has to confront his protector and friend directly.

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And you can be sure Red's heart is breaking at the very thought of it.

It wasn't a coincidence that Red took Smokey on his travels around the country trying to find the traitor.

He wasn't genuinely interested in what Smokey thought should happen to Martin for smuggling drugs.

The Secret about Henry - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 16

What Red was trying to do was give Smokey a chance to come clean which he did only after Red presented him with the facts.

By that time, it was already too late.

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But Red was also using Smokey as an example for Dembe.

His questioning Dembe at the recital was his way of letting Dembe know he knows.

Dembe should know Red well enough to understand the volley, but even he was surprised when Red decided to throw Smokey off the plane.

Was I the only one who saw the look of fear in Dembe's eyes when he realized what Red was going to do?

Dembe thought he was doing the right thing when he told Red he thought killing Smokey was a mistake, but Red isn't listening anymore.

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The children's choir singing Every Breath You Take made the whole situation even more intense.

It wasn't a goodbye song to Smokey. It was a goodbye song to Dembe.

Two Guys Walking - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 16

There is no way Dembe didn't get the message after Red said Smokey was an example.

There was no way Dembe didn't get the message after Red asked the loyalty question.

Dembe knows his days are numbered.

I can only speculate that Dembe will die before he gives up Liz as the traitor.

If that happens, then Red will know it's Liz because Dembe wouldn't try to protect just anyone.

And even if he figures that Dembe was just trying to save Red the heartache, it won't matter.

Betrayal is betrayal no matter who it is.

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I had pondered many moons ago whether Red is capable of killing Liz. 

After tonight, the only thing in her favor would be that he might kill her quick.

If Red kills Dembe, Liz has no chance. I don't care how much he loves her.

Dembe in the Middle - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 16

And that might be when Katarina Rostova steps in -- to save her daughter.

Wouldn't that be wild?

It would kill the theory of Red being Katarina, but does that mean Red doesn't know that Katrina is alive?

Ressler isn't going to stop digging. He will find out the truth whether Liz likes it or not.

And even though Liz will be angry with him for not dropping it as she asked, she won't be angry for long.

Her desire to know the truth is too strong, and, well, Liz is Liz.

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She doesn't know what she wants anymore.

The case the Task Force investigated was a sad one.

Always Loyal - The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 16

If you've ever lived with someone who has a gambling addiction, you know how it can tear people's lives apart.

Agatha lost her son because her husband had to have a lottery ticket.

Even though it was a winning ticket in the tune of millions of dollars, it didn't make up for the fact that her son died because of it.

Money can't buy happiness, and all that money wasn't going to bring her son back.

It's horrible what she did to her husband and everyone who she "saved" from their gambling debts.

Agatha wanted to punish for her loss, and this was the way she thought best. 

Obviously, her daughter thought so, too.

What a twist when the daughter confronted her father to let him know she was taking over the family business.

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Intertwined with the Lady Luck story was another connection to the conspiracy via Henry.

At this point, the conspiracy story isn't nearly as exciting as Red's hunt for the traitor or Ressler's pursuit of Katarina.

But who knows where it will all lead?

Over to you!

Does Red suspect Dembe?

Will Dembe give up Liz?

Were you surprised about Smokey?

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Is Katarina alive?

Will Liz find out what Ressler is doing? 

Hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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Lady Luck Review

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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

I'm married to a loser, Henry. It's a fate worse than death.

Lady Luck

Ultimately everyone's fate is negotiable except for the person who turned me in. Whoever they are, their fate is sealed.