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At an airport, a pregnant man and woman are pulled o process faster. They are from Canada and go to a warehouse medical facility where the pregnant woman gives birth to a sac full of drugs via c-section.

Red calls Dembe when a mini-riot takes place.

Liz and Jennifer found information about Renard who witnessed Reddington's transformation. The warden visits Red to try to get his help in calming down the war going on between prison gangs.The warden isn' happy and breaks Red's record.

Liz and Jennifer are in Baltimore looking for Renard, Liz finds her and puts her in her car. Another car comes up and takes Renard and Liz has to shoot the guy but Jennifer is taken. Liz goes to Ressler's place. He's got a woman over and she freaks out when she sees the blood on Liz's hand. She tells him she has a stolen van with a dead body inside.

Liz tells Ressler everything. She knows Jennifer is on a plane because of tracking.

Ressler and Liz start investigating the dead guy.

Jennifer is a hostage and the bald guy is questioning her. It's Jankowics.

Renard is Jankowics girlfriend.

Liz visits Red at 3 a.m. looking for help and she tells him about Jennifer and what happened. He's suspicious. Jankowics is an LSD distributor.

Red talks to the Warden so he can get cooperation to find out information.

Jennifer is being questioned by Jankowics and tells him what she and Liz are doing.

Red finds out information. Dembe is in London and breaks into an apartment. Someone attacks him but Dembe fights him off but he gets away.

Red tells Dembe about Liz and Jennifer. He gives all the information he knows to help Liz. Liz and Ressler follow up. She's "pregnant". She's one of Jankowics' mules.

They take her to Ressler's apartment when the girlfriend shows up. She wants to call the police because she's suspicious and concerned.

Liz is questioning the girl. The girlfriend leaves.

Jankowics questions Renard about Reddington and Kohler. When Jankowics leaves for a phone call Renard tells Jennifer that Katarina arranged for Reddington's new identity.

Ressler calls Jankowics and the girl is going into "labor" and Liz knows about the drugs. The girl is going into overdose but Ressler can't save the girl.

Red tries to negotiate a deal for the prison gangs. 

Liz asks Ressler about Hanna. He changes the subject. Are they becoming a couple? He tells her that he pays Hanna to be his girlfriend via Alter Ego.

Ressler and Liz meet with Jankowics. They make a deal, drugs and dead girl for Jennifer but things go awry and Jankowics and his men.

Red's jail peace plan fails when the guy he was using is killed. 

Jennifer tells Liz about Katarina. Liz is confused.

Ressler, Liz and Jennifer goes to Jankowics' place to find Renard but she's gone.

The warden sets up Red's cell very nice for stopping the gang war.

Jennifer tells Liz she's done with the chase and they say their goodbyes. Ressler's girlfriend breaks up with him and then he meets up with Liz.

Aram shows up to tell them about his weekend att the post office.

Dembe tells Red that Renard told Jennifer about Katarina and Red tells Dembe that he knows what needs to be done but Dembe thinks there are alternatives. Red says no.

Renard is on the plane with Dembe. 

Red is on kitchen duty. Red kills the guy who kills the guy who killed his contact who helped him in jail.










The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm respected because I mind my own business, and I intend to keep it that way.


All I want to know is the truth, and in the process I lost my sister.