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A guy is monitoring people's phone conversations with an old timey machine. 

Red hears the recording and thinks it's Elizabeth but Dembe isn't sure.

Red gives Liz a new case, a blackmailer, Minister D who he believes can prove Red's innocent. His trial will begin soon later.

Liz brings the case to the Task Force. Ressler doesn't think Red is guilty because he's not the real Red though he doesn't say it.

Liz and Ressler visit a guy about the Minister D.

The trial begins. Red wants a continuance. Judge denies it. Jury will be brought in for opening arguments.

Aram shares information about how Minister D is doing his taps.

ASA Sima arrives to tell Ressler that he's going to be put on the witness stand.

The Task Force arrives at Minister D's apartment and finds his setup but no Minister D.

Dembe is investigating the call. The girl who made the call talks to Dembe.

Liz doesn't want Ressler to lie on the stand. Ressler is awfully touch-feely with Liz.

Sima questions Ressler on stand. Red knows Ressler knows about his identity change.

Red asks questions about Katarina and Ressler keeps talking about Raymond Reddington as the third person.

The girl who made the phone call wasn't Liz according to the girl.

Sima asking more questions of another witness all about Red's navy days and the Russian. Red wants to prove that Katarina Rostova set him up.

Liz is monitoring a sting involving Minister D. Liz chases after him. He overtakes Liz but Samar saves Liz.

Red is talking to Harold and tells him what he needs.

The judge decides to le Red continue representing himself and he takes the stand to tell his story.

The task force is looking for the tape Red wants but can't find it.

Red continues his story. He tells the story about Katarina's pregnancy and a KGB officer assigned to get close to Reddington.

Samar finds the tape. 

Sima questions Reddington now. 

Ressler walks into the courtroom with the tape.  The courtroom plays the tape. Reddington questions Ressler. 

Red questions Minister D. Does she now believe that Red is her father?

The jury finds Red not guilty of treason.

Liz talks to Red about Katarina.

Aram notices that Samar is acting strange. She's having nightmares.

Dembe visits Liz and tells her he knows. She asks him to keep her secret.

Liz thanks Ressler for lying on the stand. Ressler is confounded by why Red would take the real Red's identity.

Dembe visits Red and tells him he found the traitor but doesn't tell on Liz. Red is so relieved but Dembe is disturbed.





The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

I said you were the mos honest person I know.


Liz: So you know who the real traitor is?
Red: Someone I trusted as is the traitor who turned me into the police.
Liz: Have you found out who that is yet?
Red: Someone close. Traitors usually are.