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A bunch of guys are watching TV when Dembe comes in and wants to know where Red is.

Red is in a hospital. He can't move or feel anything. When he wakes up he's completely freaked out.

A doctor talk to him and wants to know if he knows anything. Flashback to his meeting with Katarina.

Doctor says he might be paralyzed.

Liz is trying to find a nanny for Agnes. Aram is helping her. Se gets a call from Dembe about Red. He tells her he's gone.

And inspector visits Red. He refers him to his lawyer.

He wants to know about Katarina, but Red doesn't give up any info. He calls Katarina an illusion.

Liz and the rest of the team are working on trying to find Red.

Harold makes arrangements to meet with someone from the French embassy to talk about Red.

Liz admits to the team that she turned Red in.

Harold meets with the embassy guy to talk about Red.

Harold talks to Red and asks him a question because of Liz saying Red isn't Red.

It turns out the whole hospital is a fake put togethe rby Katrina.

The inspector is talking to Katarina about the progress with Red.

The inspector talks to Red about Rostova again. Betraying her would be like betraying myself.

Aram asks Liz about Red and her history, trying to understand.

Red starts making friends with the nurse as he's moved into a wheelchair.

Harold goes back to embassy and realizes the guy he met with wasn't real.

Red tries to maneuver out of camera site to use the phone he swiped from one of the nurse's aides.

Red does something to block the camera. The nurse comes in and Red overtakes her to get information.

After he gets some information, she fights back. The entire time, the camera sees nothing.

The team finds out who the fake inspector is and attempt to get him to question him.

Liz and Dembe get the fake inspector and starts asking him questions.

When the inspector gets in, Red works with the nurse to question the inspector (Steinhil).

Red can walk again. He escapes.

Aram doesn't think Red is in Paris.

Red is cornered and caught. Katatrina is not happy.

The FBI finds the fake house, but Red isn't there. They know he escaped.

Liz figures out it's Katarina who has Red. She talks to Harold about Katarina.

Red is chained up. Katarina wants answers.




The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

He's in trouble, Elizabeth. I need your help to get him out of it.


Is it just me or does it seem like everyone has a skeleton in the closet?