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Red gets processed and heads to jail. He gets taken t his cell and he's not thrilled.

He's at lunch. He makes a friend named Vante. The warden speaks with Quantum and Vante tells him all the scoop. One of the guys comes and takes Vante's lunchmeat and leaves. Red goes back t the guy and has a word after he leaves. Red gets threatened. The guy attacks Red.

Elizabeth visits Red and he gives her a case about a couple who lends money to criminals. She gives the case to the task force. She acts concerned about Red.

She gets a call from Jennifer that someone is going to visit and Liz lies to Ressler to get to the meeting.

Vontae tells Red that there's a plan to kill him. He's become Red's helper.

They couldn't reconstruct the files from Red's flash drive from the doctor. Jennifer is very upset but Liz tries to calm her. 

Red isn't very concerned about the guy who's going to kill him. He's playing with string.

The guy who went to the pawnbrokers is trying to get the drive back but they won't give it to him and kill him.

Red takes the cell rat as a pet. He tells it they have a lot of work to do.

Red decides to sit with the guy who threatens him and tries to make a deal with him. 

The task force still works on the case. The plan is having Samar try to buy the intel from the Pawnbrokers before the Chinese gets it.

Red tells Vontae a story who's freaked out about what Red doing - writing a note and attaching it to the rat like a carrier pigeon.

Samar is going undercover. The big wig is concerned that Samar could be a double agent.

Samar offers 4 million for the drive.

A guy outside the prison walls finds the note on the rat which has a number to call.

Samar goes for a ride with the pawnbroker lady. 

The guy called Dembe who showed up at the prison. He gives the guy money and writes a note in return to Red.

Meanwhile Ressler and Liz get the to parking garage where Samar is.

Samar makes the wire transfer t get the drive. She gets the case and the FBI move in.

There's a shootout and the bad guys get the case. The pawnbroker lady is shot. Samar tries to call 911 but calls 119 instead.

Red gets his message from Dembe.

The Chinese gets the hard drive and they go to the U.S. embassy but Ressler and Samar crash into the van before they get in.

Cooper figures out that the boss lady is a traitor and she's arrested.

The pawnbroker guy is in custody and isn't talking. Ressler goes in to tell him his wife has died.

Vontae talks to Red about the upcoming fight. He thanks Red for being his friend and tells him he's got his back.

Red tells the prison yard that Baldonero isn't in prison for the heist he claims because he didn't do it. He pulls the knife and Red fights him with Vontae's help.

The prison guards break it up and then tells Boldenero (for everyone to hear) that his lawyer is there because he's getting out.

Liz visits Red in prison again. Baldonero is out and is killed thanks to a tip from Red.

Red and Vontae head to lunch and he's the lion of prison.

The FBI takes things out of the pawn shop.

Samar is reading up on aphasia.

Vega brings Red his record player. 

Liz tells Jennifer that Red is going to be out shortly and Jennifer tells her that she found some information from the drive that might help them.

Dembe sends Red a couple bottles of champagne for him and Vontae.




The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Vontae: What was that? Please tell me that was part of a bigger plan.
Red: The plan is a work in progress.

The less you say, the better.