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People are showing up at a place where it seems they are going to get some sort of under the radar help. They're going to be test subjects for a new procedure not approved by the FDA.

The treatments originally seem to be working but then things go horribly wrong and the patients start dying. All of them.

Traitor Liz visits Red in jail to give him information.

Red gives Liz information about a new case involving the pharmacist. 

Red's court begins. He doesn't have his own lawyer. He's being represented by a public defender. Red decides to talk to the judge on his behalf. He brings up bail and the judge goes off. She doesn't like him.

Red requests to approach the bench to tell her about the task force. He tells the judge about Cooper who might be able to assist in the matter. She wants to know if there is an immunity agreement which he admits.  She orders them all to her chambers where he can tell all. 

Red decides he's going to represent himself!

Aram shares information about Stark with Ressler and Samar about Stark's dabbling in black medicine. They're headed to the warehouse where the dead were found.

The medical examiner tells the two that the patients were all dying.

Stark is meeting with another patient that he wants to experiment on. 

Liz is freaked out that Harold is going to give the judge the immunity agreement. She tells him Red is using him. Harold doesn't want Red to go to jail.

Ressler learns more information.

Samar and Aram meet with a strange guy to find out about the medicine shooter they found on the warehouse scene. It turns out that the creator of the injector gun was the guy who called in the murders. He lied to the FBI.

Court is back in session to talk about the immunity agreement. Red questions Harold. He tells the court that Red saved lives. 

Ressler and Samar question the guy who made the injector. He had MCDD as well and was a patient of The Pharmacist. He credits Stark for saving his life.

The prosecution questions Harold. And they're being ridiculous. Now they want to know if Red abides by the rules. And Harold says he has no knowledge of Red committing any crimes! And in truth, he never witnessed anything so he really isn't lying.

Harold talks to the team about his testimony. Liz is confused. Samar shares information about Stark.

Aram has information about Kirby's trial and that everything he told them is true. 

It's believed that the medicine used on the patients' was sabatoged because there was a nerve agent found in it which made it different than the one who saved Kirby. Kirby suggests that maybe Stark's partner might be involved, Ethan.

The DA is trying to get the immunity agreement nulled.

Red is playing games in the courtroom, drinking water before he takes his turn to defend the immunity agreement.

And during the middle of his argument, he goes on a story about fly fishing. 

Liz finds information about Stark's new trial that is happening today. Stark is about to conduct his trial. Ethan is the one changing the medicine to sabotage Stark's trials.

The FBI raids just as the patients start going into seizures. Ethan takes off. Ressler takes chase. They fight each other. Ethan goes down.

The judge comes in to give her ruling on the immunity agreement. She finds it legally binding. The DA objects that Red violated the agreement by having a gun that he scratched the serial number. He moves to supress the gun as evidence because of illegal search and seizure.

Liz is giving Red information about the search and seizure. He wants to know where he's being transported. While she's gone, Red thanks Harold for his testimony and his loyalty.

Liz comes back to tell Red about Stark and Ethan.

Samar tells Stark about Ethan's betrayal. Samar has trouble thinking of a word.

Ressler tells Stark that Ethan was working for a company that wanted to bury Stark's research because it would cost them millions.

Dembe talks to Liz about the betrayal. Dembe wants to talk with Stark privately.

Samar is having some serious issues.

Red is on his way to prison until his next court date.










The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Judge: So main justice made a deal with the devil?
Red: Shouldn't judges at least pretend to be impartial?

In the short run, justice always loses to politics.