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The Corsican prepares for a major assassination, but it's not The Corsican because the real Corsican is waiting for him in the car.
Jennifer is trying to get more information about medical files. Red shows up at her door. She's got files all over the floor. Jennifer hides in a closet.
He has information for her that she shares with the team.
The Corsican gets information from The Corsican and orders him to get into the trunk and kills him.
Red and Dembe arrive at a movie studio and want information about someone.
Ressler questions Liz about her motives. She doesn't offer any. They're at the parking garage where the guy was killed.
Red calls Liz and tells her The Corsican is about to bomb the UN.
The guys sets the bomb and leaves. Liz and Ressler get there but the Corsican gets away.
Red and Dembe arrive with the bomb diffuser.
Aram tries to direct Ressler towards The Corsican.
Ressler gets him but a civilian gets shot and Ressler can't chase the bad guy.
Red and Liz watch Max try to diffuse the bomb.
Red and Dembe leave and Liz stays with Max.
Red and Dembe play around in teh General Assembly room.
Max cuts a wire but all it does is speed up the bomb.
Red is still giving a pretend speech in teh general assembly room.
Max succeeds at diffusing the bomb. Ressler takes a drink from Max's flask.
Liz finds Red and tells him to leave before the cops arrive.
He tells her a story about Cary Grant and reinvention. He's teaching her a lesson about why he had to change his identity.
Liz is having doubts about trying to find Red's true identity because after all, "he does do good."
She's trying to explain this to Jennifer via phone. Jennifer wants to know if she's aboard her plan.
A cop asks Red for identification when he stops at a pretzel cart on the corner. The cop finds a weapon as Dembe watches. Other cops show up and recognize REd is the ost wanted man in America.
Aram tells Liz and Ressler that Red has been arrested.
Liz is freaked out. Ressler is glad.
Harold is trying to work something out with the head honcho to save Reddington.
Red is booked. The cop that busted him is a bastard. A beat cop who just got the biggest collar of his life.
Red tries to bribe the guy who has no interest in Red's money.
Officer Baldwin is releived but not before he gets Red's autograph. The federal government is taking over and the bitch who comes in isn't going to be making any deals with Red.
The prosecutor goes to the post office and Harold tells her about the immunity agreement. She doesn't care. She has a political agenda.
She holds a press conference as Liz goes to visit Red in jail.
Red knows that someone tipped the cops. Was it Liz?
He wants her to find the person who betrayed him. She asks if he's going to kill him. He tells her it depends.
Red is taken into federal custody.
Jennifer tries to assure Liz that they did the right thing. Liz is torn and afraid of what he'll do when he finds out it was her.
The Blacklist
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