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Dembe's birthday party is interrrupted by a call. Raymond has a potential buyer for his nesting casket. But he and Dembe have to rush off to Ukraine. Dembe is concerned because Raymond will be a target there. So Raymond is hauled like a corpse on a horsedrawn cart. His local contact Vasyl betrays Raymond to the rebels seeking him because they had abducted his daughter. But Raymond and Dembe escape on horses. Then an appraiser tells Raymond his caskets are fakes. Elodie leaves Aram in bed when her wheelchair-bound husband has a heart attack. Elizabeth tells Ressler Katarina staged her own death. Raymond calls Elizabeth seeking help finding the counterfeiter. Victoria Fenberg is the forger. The task force invades the apartment of Richard Vitaris, involved in an earlier theft. Raymond shakes down the buyer of a stolen painting to get the seller's name. Vitaris is suing the large pharmaceutical company owned by Fenberg's estranged family after his son's death. Victora and Vitaris are stealing and selling art owned by the Fenbergs to finance his lawsuit. The task force warns the Fenbergs, which tips off Victoria. Vitaris suggests Victoria swap out the next targeted piece at her home. Raymond interrogates Victoria's fence Antony and he gives her up. The FBI stations agents at the Fenberg home. Vitaris, disguised as a mover, won't call off their plan. He creates a distraction for Victoria by bumping into Elizabeth, then grabbing a gun and running. He is arrested after she secures the painting. Vitaris insists he worked alone. Raymond is waiting when Victoria arrives at Antony's house to fence the painting. Raymond wants the name of the buyer of the original casket. He recovers the casket. Ressler confronts Victoria when she visits Vitaris in prison. Aram tries to break up with Elodie. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Lord, that was rejuvenating! I slept like a vampire.


If they want me dead, maybe we should just give them what they want.

Raymond [to Dembe]