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Red has been flying to Kansas alone to visit Anne. She and her friends, Lois and Bran, are waiting for him, to play bridge. Lois is a cop. Reddington enjoys escaping to Kansas but he has to go back to protect his empire. Red overhears Lois pushing Anne to learn more about him. He offers to tell her more about himself but she brushes him off. Raymond notices a van which seems to be tailing him. He sends her to town to pick up veggie sandwiches for their picnic. The man goes for his gun but Red stabs him then slashes his throat. The van drives away. Townsend arrives along with two SUVs of thugs at Anne's house. Anne's phone rings and it's Raymond calling. He asks Townsend to leave Anne out of it. Reddington rushes her out of a shop and into another. He tells her to stay there and gives her a gun. Red garrots a woman following them. To protect Anne, Raymond turns himself in at the police station. He tries to impress on them to call for backup. Anne slaps him for bringing all on this into her life. Townsend calls the chief and tells him to send out Reddington. The chief, trying to negotiate, gets killed by a sniper. That leaves Lois in charge. Another cop tries to flee and is killed. He had the keys to the holding cell. Lois gets shot in the leg retrieving those keys. But they get into the holding cell which delays Townsend long enough for backup to arrive. Red gets away thanks to Anne. Anne agrees to answer any questions from law enforcement then drives home. Raymond's in the trunk. He and Anne say goodbye. Anne has to hide out. Red goes back. He finds Liz holding Anne at gunpoint.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

Lois: Why hasn't he called yet?
Red: Maybe because he likes to make a dramatic entrance.

Dembe: Raymond, I'm serious.
Red: I know, and that's why I love you. I'll be fine.