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Going back three months, Liz tells Skip she's going to find Mr. French, a man trusted by her mother. In Olso, Norway, she meets Mrs. French. Mr. French has disappeared. But Liz, Agnes, and Skip stay overnight with Mrs. French. Mr. Kaplan comes to Liz in a dream. She suggests Liz team up with Neville Townsend. Red's enemy. Skip questions the wisdom of this move. Liz proposes recruiting Mary Bremmer, Townsend's sister. She explains her scheme to gain Bremmer's trust, starting with her getting The Freelancer out of jail. Then she uses Bremmer to get an introduction to Townsend. Kaplan warns her that Townsend will test her, by having her kill Bremmer. Her Cyranoid kills Bremmer, sealing her relationship with Townsend. She explains to Townsend that Reddington is N13. He recalled how his family was killed. Townsend convinces Ruddiger to set Red up. Kaplan tells Liz the scar on her hand is the key to her future. Liz watches Perillos torture Raymond, who talks to Liz through a virtual connection. Liz goes to meet Ressler at the park but decides not to contact him and drives away. Mrs. French tells Liz that her husband died of natural causes. Liz approaches Dembe's daughter Isabella about turning Dembe against Reddington. Liz has her plant a bug on Dembe. That's how Townsend found out about Anne. Liz runs into Anne's truck and gets her information, relaying it to Townsend. Red spots the van and kills Townsend's man, and Liz is forced to drive away. Liz tries to call off Townsend's attack. Liz figures out how Red got away from the police. Liz as Cindy tricks Anne to get inside then holds her at gunpoint. Then Red walks in. Anne struggles with Liz and hits her head on a table. Liz can't bring herself to shoot him. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 14 Quotes

Skip: How do we recruit [Mary]?
Liz: With the help of criminals. And I know a lot of criminals.

You know what you have to do. Listen to your heart. The enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Mr. Kaplan [to Liz]