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Liz is being moved by convoy, which Townsend's men mean to interrupt. Liz complains that there's a double standard: Reddington gets away with whatever he does while Liz is in custody for what she's done. Fake cops ambush the convoy. Ressler is shot but Liz helps him rather than get away. Vandyke and Townsend's men reach the scene. Liz and Ressler hide in a restaurant. She bandages his wound with duct tape. She shoots one pursuer and they flee. Red looks up an enforcer, Bino Baker, who has a network of spies. Liz urges Ressler to call the police. He calls Red instead. Bino directs her to a nearby bar. They get there just ahead of Townsend's men and are pulled into a secret underground passageway. They leave in a hearse. Townsend is angry at VanDyke for letting them get away. Townsend hands out money to kids to search for Liz and Ressler. One of them warns Bino. He calls Red and threatens to turn them over to Townsend, because he fears Townsend more. Walter takes Ressler to an underground doctor. Red warns Harold Bino has flipped. The doctor tells Liz Ressler's lung is badly damaged. Liz admits how she feels to an unconscious Ressler. Bino comes for Liz. Delores explains to Red and Dembe how the network runs. Walter tells Red where he left them. Red catches Harold up. LIz suggests Bino kill Reddington instead but he takes her away. Park and Aram save Ressler. He gives them a clue where to find Liz but only Raymond knows what it means. Reddington reaches Bino's club first, killing everyone. Liz still keeps her gun on Red. Red informs her he kept his secrets to protect her. She lowers her gun. Townsend and his men arrive. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 19 Quotes

Ressler, you have to accept this. Things are never going back to the way they were.

Liz [to Ressler]

You think I'm safer in custody?

Liz [to Ressler]