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Red tells Harold that Liz wants to work with Chemical Mary, who sells biological weapons. Raymond forces a meeting with The Freelancer's new attorney, Scooter Rovenpur. He wants Scooter to set up a meeting with The Freelancer. Aram suggests finding the doctor who aided Mary after the bombing. Red blackmails a doctor he knows to help him discover Mary's location. Mary kills off a thug of a potential buyer in Albania as a demonstration of her weapon's potency. Working with Turkish authorities, they track Mary who is living in Paris. Ressler and Park are off to Paris. Harold meets with Congressman Freidenberg, who is skittish, because someone recently erased his hard drive. Rogelia finds The Freelancer's location for Red. They catch him coming out of the shower. After checking out Harold, Freidenberger tells him about a Russian hacker about whom he was curious. M-13 comes up again. Harold informs him of Ressler kill her. Mary is flying back from Albania and Raymond warns Harold the plane will blow up. Harold alerts the Paris tower. Aram predicts The Freelancer has tampered with the controls. The flight crew finds a unknown flash drive and Aram has them remove it, which sends the plane toward another. A collision is narrowly avoided. Park and Ressler can't find Mary. Mary got abducted at the airport. An unidentified woman took Mary's place on the flight. Harold thinks it was Liz. Reddington hands over The Freelancer to the Task Force. Liz now has Mary while the FBI shuts down her Paris operation. The flash drive opens with a fingerprint. Red's Russian ally threatens to kill Harold if he manages to open the flash drive. Harold cracks it with Reddington's fingerprint.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 7 Quotes

I think you understand Elizabeth, better than you want to.

Dembe [to Red]

Miss Jessica: So, Mr. Stone, can you be discreet?
Aram: I'm Mr. Discreet.