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The FBI raids one of Red's warehouses and arrests Heddie. Harold resists getting Heddie sprung for Raymond. Reddington instead gets him to investigate Arcane Wireless, an untraceable cellular network. The man in charge of Arcane is The Seer, who makes his sales pitch to human trafficker Odin. Aram endures an uncomfortable session with his mentor, FJ Powell, about the Arcade phones. Heddie rejects the AUSA's offer of witness protection to flip on Raymond. Aram learns that Powell is applying to be CTO at Greylock, the position Aram gave up to return to the Task Force. An arrested biker gives up Riggs as his phone supplier to Ressler and Dembe. But The Seer abducts Riggs before they get to the bar. The Seer calls in a bomb threat as a demonstration of his network's capabilities. Ressler identifies The Seer as William Meyers. Another defense attorney attempts to spirit Heddie away from Marvin. Odin's expert Itzhak raves about Meyers' network. Odin offers to buy every phone Meyers has. Reddington brings together Meyers' crime boss and the motorcycle club's leader to find a solution for The Seer. Red had sent in the other defense attorney but Heddie didn't flip. Raymond sets up Meyers for the Task Force. Powell brags to Aram that he created the Arcade Network. Aram discovers that Meyers is a deep-cover FBI agent. Cooper attempts to halt the planned arrest of Meyers and Odin but it's too late. The whole operation was meant to bug criminals using the Arcane phones. The Arcane Wireless operation was targeting Reddington. So Red had the Task Force take it down to protect himself. Marvin uses the existence of the Arcane Network to get Heddie free. Aram forwards Powell's resume to his former partner Nick. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Marvin: You know, Raymond, I am not surprised that you did not anticipate the raid. You have been distracted.
Red: Looking for the person responsible for Elizabeth's death is hardly a distraction.

Raymond, we got trouble.

Heddie [to Red]