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Harris Gramercy runs the Caelum Bank, which is housed on several jets. Weecha is recuperating quickly with Mierce's help. The account used to pay for the recent murders is with Caelum. Red convinces Dembe to get the Task Force at investigate Caelum. Raymond's plan is to force Gramercy to land so he can be questioned. Aram tells Park that Justice has revoked her field status because of her medical condition. Gramercy won't tell Reddington who last made a withdrawal from his account. Aram calls the FAA to get the Caelum plane to land. Ressler pretends to arrest Red and then Gramercy as his accomplice. Don pressures Mrs. Lacroix's killer by informing him he's going into witness protection unless he talks. He tells Harold that he was supposed to burn down Lecroix's home. Raymond gut-shoots Gramercy when he won't talk. He gives up a name which Reddington doesn't believe, Heddie. Harold and Park go through Lecroix's files. It's a race to Heddie's Miami condo, and Dembe's warning gets to her first. Weecha rams Ressler and Dembe's car and Red takes Heddie. Park finds a flash drive in a DVD case. Gramercy dies in surgery, enflaming the underworld toward Raymond. Two lawyers give up the name of the mastermind, Claudius. Park shows up at Reddington's warehouse, asking to help. She has a seizure and he sends her away. Cooper and Aram go through Lacroix's files again. Heddie again denies she did anything. Heddie doesn't deny that she was looking for other work because she felt underappreciated. He sends Weecha to kill Heddie. Park locates Marvin in the Lacroixs' wedding video. Weecha didn't kill Heddie. Marvin explains that he didn't want to work for Liz. Everything afterward was his coverup to distract Reddington. Marvin has a shooter holding Mierce so he can escape. Weecha collapses.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 20 Quotes

Raymond says a lot of things.

Mierce [to Marvin]

Gentlemen, no one can rob a bank that's always on the move.

Gramercy [to potential clients]