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Marvin recalls watching on the night that Liz was killed. Red and Mierce are at the bedside of Weecha, who is on life support. Mierce plans to take Weecha home with her. Harold has gotten authorization for a fugitive task force to hunt down Marvin. Raymond can't let Marvin be arrested because he knows too much. Marvin arranges for protection from Henrick Fisker. Flashback to Marvin complaining to Tyson Lacroix about Reddington making Liz his heir. They scheme about how to get an enemy of Red's to murder her. Dembe asks for Harold's permission to return to protect Raymond. Reddington's car is bugged and he tells Dembe his plans to go to a hunting lodge in upstate New York. Marvin sends Fisker's team there as Red holds a meeting with some of his top people. Flashback to Marvin recruiting Vandyck. The lodge comes under attack by Fisker's men. Raymond uses a C.B. radio to call for help from the Task Force. Reddington gets shot in the arm. Ressler and a tactical team arrive in time to save them. Ressler captures one member of Fisker's army. Mierce informs Reddington that no one will ever be safe around him. Flashback to Marvin and Tyson planning to frame Harold. Red identifies Fisker from Harold's description of his soldier. Raymond captures Fisker. Park admits to Aram that she's having not only more frequent migraines but also nausea. Reddington tortures intel out of Fisker. Dembe tips off the team where Fisker can be found, so he can tell them where Marvin will be. Red uses the bug in his car to misdirect Marvin. Harold sees the security system on the roof where Fisker is. Marvin walks into Raymond's trap. Marvin shoves Reddington and runs when the airport alarms go off. Red cuts ties with the Task Force.


The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 21 Quotes

Harold: I understand. You're worried that Gerard will expose you.
Red: Like a Central Park flasher!

Mierce: Why was Weecha with you? She was supposed to rest and recover.
Red: She followed me against my advice. I have no control over the women in my life nor do I seek it. You're both free to come and go as you please.