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The father of tennis player Sam Rhode finds him dead. Harold has labwork proving he was drugged on the night that Doug Coster was killed. Red tells Mierce that he's now starting to look into the night of Liz's death. Raymond informs Cooper that Dr. Razmik Maier is fixing the odds for a sports betting syndicate by causing athletes to overdose. Maier abducts Stella Huang, a nosy medical reporter who is pestering his clients. Reddington tells Dembe that he knew that Dembe showed Liz his letter. Maier drugs Huang and makes her turn over her notes for the antidote, then abandons her. While performing CPR, Park catches Ressler trying to take Huang's prescription pad. Huang dies. Huang swallowed a flash drive. Cooper was dosed by bartender Abel Judge. Red brings in Mierce's favorite chef to cook for her. Mierce informs Raymond that his continuing to investigate Liz's death will keep them from returning to the happier times they once enjoyed. Park tells Ressler that she's done helping him. Aram recovers some evidence from the flash drive. Runner Ani Bolin is Maier's next target. Athletic gear sponsor Walker Burgos's athletes are working with Maier. Mierce is returnng home since Reddington can't let go of seeking vengeance. Burgos chloroforms Bolin. Burgos takes Huang's notes from Maier, then kills him. Park and Aram interrupt Burgos's plan to kill Bolin. But Burgos convinces them to chase Maier. Huang's notes implicate Burgos but Park and Aram arrive in time to stop him from kiling Bolin. Reddington ignores Mierce's request to stop digging and she leaves. Aram gets Burgos to confess. Park tells Ressler that he needs to find professional help to wean himself off drugs. Harold gives Dembe an envelope of photos from Raymond to prove that Dembe missed Van Dyke on the night Liz died.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

You were so down this morning. I'm hoping this will raise your spirits.

Red [to Merce]

I'm glad you shaved. I'll take it as a sign you have nothing to hide.

Park [to Ressler]