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Ressler flashes back to the night that Liz was killed. He commandeered a civilian's car to attempt to chase down Red. Cooper phones Ressler to call him off. Ressler crashes. In the present, Agnes is planning a celebration of Liz's life. Ressler asks for the day off. A barber gives him a haircut and a shave. After the crash, Ressler is hospitalized as is the woman whose car he hit. Ressler grudgingly accepts the oxy that the doctor insists he take. Ressler blows off his disciplinary hearing and quits the FBI. He slowly becomes hooked on oxy. Ressler stops in the small town of Liberty Falls and rents a motel room from Lauren. Ressler asks the bartender to point him to the local drug dealer. Ressler gets beaten and robbed by the dealer and his friend. Lauren's son Theodore finds Ressler collapsed. Lauren confronts him about the behavior. In the present, a cleancut Ressler goes shopping for carnations. In Liberty Falls, Ressler cons the local doctor into prescribing him oxy. Ressler gets a job as a mechanic. Lauren freaks out and hides when a cop shows up looking for her and Theodore and Ressler covers for them. The cop is Lauren's abusive husband Shane. Theodore helps Ressler at the garage. They bond over "Peter Pan." Theodore invites Ressler to his birthday party but he declines. Ressler takes flowers to Liz's grave. He catches her up on what everyone has been up to. Ressler got the classic Nova running again while fixing himself. Shane catches up with them and scares Theodore. Ressler tackles Shane and Shane's gun goes off, killng him. Lauren tries to convince him to go back. Ressler takes off and leaves Theodore his radio. Theodore can't understand why he left. Ressler goes to Agnes's celebration of Liz and looks in. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 9 Episode 7 Quotes

Ressler: This looks like a nice little town.
Lauren: It's certainly little.

I think Liz would want us to look forward, not back. I hope you can do that too.

Harold [to Ressler]