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Jane learns that she can't get covered for her freezing her eggs because of Safford's health insurance. She writes a piece for Scarlet but Jacqueline doesn't want to publish it yet because of tension within Safford. She is warned about the board trying to find someone to replace her and yet still chooses to publish the article later.

Richard then gets an email with prospective replacements for Jacqueline, right before the Scarlet party in Paris.

Jane tells Ryan and Ben about her issue, with Ben saying he wants her on his insurance and with Ryan giving her the money to freeze her eggs. Jane and Ryan kiss and then she flies to Paris to not focus on the love triangle she got herself into. At the end of the finale, Jane realizes who she wants to be with.

Kat and Adena fly to Paris together and Kat picks up on a weird vibe from Adena about work. She thinks Coco is not letting her show her work, so she meets her in Paris and finds out that Adena doesn't have any work because she isn't inspired. 

This leads to a conversation between them where Adena admits that she might need more space to find inspiration for her work, something that Kat isn't happy about. Kat cries in the bathroom and ends up going to the party alone, she thinks Adena will show up so they can try to make things work but Adena sends a text that she won't be there.

Sutton is happy about being in Paris but when Jane thinks that Richard might propose, she realizes that she may have risked her love for her job. She tells Oliver who advises her to go back to NY for Richard. But she ends up meeting him downstairs in Paris because he was going to get her. They reunite and get back together publicly. 

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