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Jane and Ben meet to talk about things, and he gives Jane more information about what her future will look like from a medical point of view. She decides that she wants to focus on anything else, instead drinking with Ryan and the whole way to Sutton's hometown. Finally, she comes to terms with the fact that she can't avoid this, and actually looks through what Ben shared with her. She sees him again and reveals that she is going to freeze her eggs.

Later she sees Ryan again who makes it clear that he wants to be with her in a more serious sense. She is left shocked.

Sutton is figuring out everything for her trip, but she needs her birth certificate which only her mother has. So Sutton heads home, but not before learning that Richard is planning to move in with his girlfriend. She tries to avoid seeing her mother but can't avoid it, learning that her mom is no longer who she was before. 

At first Sutton refuses to talk to her mom, but finally gives in and finds out that her mother is sober and working to be better for her.

Kat is dealing with the new website relaunch and Jacqueline's decision to not include comments in articles. Kat is also unsure of where she stands with Adena, finally realizing that she wants to be only with her. This seems like great news but Adina and she still have some distance between them.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline finds out that she made some missteps. First, an article about her is released and it talks about her time being up, then the comments backlash, and then Richard clues her in about the board discussing no new viewers appearing since the relaunch. 

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