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-The Bold Babes hit up a spa.

-Kat opens up to Sutton and Jane about having sex with Cody, the bartender.

-Dr. Alicia Golden, the keynote speaker at Scarlet’s wellness seminar, flirts with Alex, and he doesn’t realize.

-Jacqueline’s ex-boyfriend is going to be at a Columbia alumni mixer.

-Sutton is having a solo lunch with Richard’s mom.

-Alicia gives Alex her number so they can get dinner.

-Kat goes to see Cody to bring him his watch he left at her place and clarifies that it is just sex. He asks her to “peg” him, which means to use a strap on with him.

-Richard’s mom doesn’t seem to approve of Sutton trying to be an Influencer.

-Jane is worried after her vaginal facial that things don’t feel like “down there.” Her doctor reassures her the facial just threw off her pH but warns she might experience an odor, which freaks Jane out.

-Jane encourages Kat to “peg” Cody.

-The Bold Babes hit up the sex shop to get Kat a strap on, and Jane buys pretty much the whole scented vagina section.

-Jacqueline asks Andrew to online stalk her ex-boyfriend.

-Jane asks Sutton and Kat for help after the products she got burn her vagina and finds out that Sutton and Kat both get yeast infections too and don’t talk about it, which she finds weird because they talk about everything.

-Alicia has to leave their date to do surgery.

-Alex feels inferior because of Alicia’s success, and hearing him talk about it makes Kat decide to go through with “pegging” Cody.

-Sutton gets her first sponsorship, a beer company that will sponsor the beer for the wedding.

-Andrew accidentally sets up a call with Jacqueline’s ex.

-Sutton stands up for herself to Richard’s mom when she continues to look down on Sutton.

-Alex comes clean to Alicia about being insecure.

-Jane opens up about her yeast infection at the seminar, and encourages women to be open about their vaginas, empowering the audience.

-Richard’s mom apologizes and admits she is jealous of Sutton and her career.

-Forbes is considering nominating Jane for their “Thirty Under Thirty” issue thanks to her “vagenda” speech.

-Jacqueline reaches out to her ex.

-Kat admits she has a connection with Cody and realizes she is bisexual, not a lesbian.


The Bold Type
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The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Cody: Thank you, my lady.
Kat: I had no idea you were such a cheeseball.
Cody: But totally endearing right?
Kat: If you wanna call it that.
Cody: Beautiful and sarcastic, a deadly combination.

Sutton: It sounds like your heart is a lesbian and your vagina is bisexual.
Kat: Or, I’m Kat, over of human beings.