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Patricia is in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, Dalton and team are at a prison to take someone into custody.

They share a story about Patricia when she shows up. She asks Dalton for an update. Noah is in charge in DC.

McG, Patricia and Dalton enter the prison. DC loses visual and radio. They are going into the basement to interrogate a prisoner who happens to be an American Taliban.

One of the prisoners sets a guard on fire and starts a riot in the prison. He's going to release all the prisoners. In the basement, Patricia and team hear the gunfire. 

Dalton goes to check it out while Patricia continues to talk with Nate. McG stays behind.

Dalton's camera comes up as he gets closer to the action in the prison. They have no way out without the keys, so he gives direction to Jaz, Preach and Amir for what to do while he tries to get everyone out. 

Dalton tries t delay the guys from getting to Patricia and prisoner. Nate refuses to help or move. They finally get him moving and figure out a plan of escape.

Guards are killed by the other guard. Jaz finds a way in to a guard tower. Noah and Hannah find a rudimentary map of the prison and it's not much help. 

Noah gets a call that Patricia's escort was ambushed and everyone was killed. The two in charge of the riot release everyone and demand they find the soldiers and keep the woman alive.

Noah's doing a great job trying to coordinate the mission from DC. 

Dalton tries to give direction to Preach who wants to keep the gates open so Dalton and team can get out. It's not a prison riot, but a prison break.

Preach closed the gates and the prisoners can't get out so Dalton is going to have to find another way. Their body cams are working. Noah finds an exit at a loading gate.

Jaz is telling Dalton what's going on from her end and a guy comes up to kill her...she kills him without hesitation, then kills another guy before they can get Dalton.

Nate falls on the ground and grabs a piece of glass or some sort of tool. 

When they get to the exit door, they find it's open. Turns out that the loading dock that was supposed to be there doesn't exist. They have no way out.

Jaz gets a guard who Dalton gets to help them get out of the prison. A Taliban convoy is heading towards the prison. 

The guard tells Dalton that the only way out is through the front so Dalton and teamtry to get where they need to go. He orders the team outside to get to the Humve to pick them up. 

Nate takes Patricia prisoner. She orders him to get out and he does. Dalton gets shot. He's stunned. Patricia helps Nate who is injured. The convoy is getting closer.

Patricia and team gets out when Preach blows a hole into the wall. Just in time before the convoy arrives. Parts of the convoy chase after them. Patricia is still trying to get the name of the base they are planning to bomb. The Humvee crashes and they have to engage. Nate is out. 

The drone is about to strike the prison and they have to get out because they are still in the blast radius. Another rocket is launched by the enemy and Dalton is stunned again. 

Noah launches the drone. Patricia is still trying to get information. Nate got the info and the team runs to get out of blast radius. It hits. No one answer at first and then they are okay. Everyone is okay. Noah did a good job. The team is safe.






The Brave
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The Brave Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

The truth is the truth in any language.


Sun, sand and Taliban.