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A guy breaks into a communications facility in Caborca, Mexico and sends a message that the Pentagon picks up. An arms dealer named Ranier Booth is coming to Mexico. They can capture or kill.

Patricia says they shouldn't do either. She suggests putting a bug on the guy. The team meets with Vargas in Mexico. They put a blindfold on him and take him to their accommodations. They ask Vargas about Booth and he gives them as much information as he can. Vargas tells Adam about Booth's girlfriend, Sofia.

Noah questions Hannah regarding her former work with the cartel. She gets upset. Noah goes to Patricia to let her know that he's concerned about Hannah working on this op. Patricia tells him they are going to work through it even though she suffered greatly at the hands of the cartel.

Dalton goes over the plan with the team and how to get the bug on Booth. They implement the plan, but it fails when Booth breaks his phone and throws it in a fountain. They can't bug him so they have to come up with another plan.

Patricia wants Adam to talk to Sofia. They come up with a plan to meet contact Sofia at the hair salon to find out from her what she knows about Booth. Jaz talks to Sofia. Booth arrives at the salon. Vargas wants to go in to save Sofia, but Dalton keeps him down. Booth enters the salon and Sofia wants to give Jaz something which looks like a wad of something. It gets intense because Jaz doesn't speak Spanish. Sofia gave Jaz her cellphone and a picture of the necklace Booth always wears.

Hannah and Noah talk about Booth's necklace. The team is spying on Booth while Preach works on a copycat necklace. They are planning an ambush. Vargas wants to go with, but Dalton wants him to sit out. Dalton knows Vargas' game, but he lets him tag along anyway.

Booth has a feeling he's being followed. He recognized Amir from the hotel and outside the salon. On the way to the ambush point, he turns around to go to the other hacienda. The team has to make another plan to get the job done. They ambush Booth. They exchange the necklace and give it back to Booth before taking off. 

Hannah shares her story with Noah. 

The team heads out. 

Booth talks to his security guy. Sofia comes out to talk to him. He orders his security to find out who did it. The guy thinks it was Sofia and that it was professional. He's going to torture her for information. They can't get hold of Patricia. Hannah wants to let Dalton no, but Noah says they have to protect the bug first.

When Noah leaves to look for Patricia, Hannah calls Dalton and tells him what's going on.The team goes back to the site and talk with Vargas about what to do.

Patricia is not happy with Noah or Hannah. The team activates a new plan to save Sofia. Meanwhile, Patricia tells Hannah she made a wrong choice.

Booth thinks it's someone else following him. It's a trick set forth by the team. They save Sofia without having to pull her out. Them team leaves an Vargas goes on his way.








The Brave
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The Brave Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Kill a spider all you get is a spider. Put a listening device on him, you get the whole web.


Sometimes with us it's better you don't know what's about to happen.